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As this year is the centenary of women gaining the right to vote, Gained The Right, Not Given To Them. congratulates women and celebrates a century of change were women fought for their right and achieved some, and their battle continues. believes in  "  People should have the incentive and the interests in the opportunities they gain, not in the opportunities given by the others".

Manchester was a natural place for the Suffragettes to be born.  For womens suffrage, the first public meeting on the subject was held in the Free Trade Hall in 1868; it was addressed by  Lydia Becker and supported by Dr Richard Pankhurst and others. Although the movement began in Manchester and a century ago women gained their right through their struggle,  that wasn't given to them voluntarily by others, but they gained their right through struggle. However, women still sometimes cannot hold elected politician post or be nominated to the post unless it is obtained through positive discrimination or through a special committee that put women for the posts or nominated to the post. Although this may be acceptable by some women or seems acceptable, especially by women who have to adhere to a party line, it is not acceptable by all women and some women consider it wrong or maybe insulting for women to hold political posts through special assistance or positive discrimination.  Women not getting equal political posts as men because of the deprivations and the discrimination against them for a long time, which lead to some people still lack the belief in women, do not understand them and may be done not accept them as equal. Solving the problem of imposing women on others is not a good solution. Women like to be respected and accepted as equal and without being imposed on others or force others to surrender their political ambition or posts to women because of instructions to do so and not voluntarily. 

Why have Politician posts been chosen as a vehicle for expediting women gaining the full rights?

Because these posts can be transparent, accessible to all people and happen in regular and relatively equal time span, which makes the changes measurable easily and precisely. Besides, Politicians if they don't make the rules, they can control them. When the politicians genuinely believe in the change and accept women as equal all other professions will follow suit and the change comes naturally cross all occupations.


Deeds Not Words :

For the centenary of women right to vote and to celebrate it in the place where it all started, Manchester, there is a proposal from Manchester a little token to compensate the communities, not just the women and the proposal is :

 Men voluntarily step aside and not put themselves as candidates or accept the nomination as candidates for local and parliamentary elections for a few sessions say 2 to 3 or even one. And to measure the public opinion in general and the opinion and readiness of people who are in politician posts now, if they would accept women to have their posts and trust women to do the job.  Men had it for hundreds of years and some men running in their positions for 10s of years, and it is about time to leave it for the women for a short time. Voluntarily not by force. 

This will be considered a kind gentlemen gesture and compensation for women for their past suffering and deprivation to be given to the communities in Deeds Not In Words. This gesture should not be taken as a favour given to women but to the communities, which have had lost the opportunity to have half of its talented people input and participation in the communities for a long time before their full right is gained. This also will educate some people who still don't believe in women and accept them genuinely as equal and say something in support of women and act differently.  That is why women gained their right  ( some right  ) a century ago, but sometimes they have to depend on men to be elected through positive discrimination!!!!!!!!!.  Men can prove that they do not mind that women have a period, a short one, where women have the positions men have/had for a long time and also to approve that men are accepting women as equal not just saying it. It is easy to say things but when comes to doing it will they do it. People should be measured by what they do, not by what they say  !!!!

Yes, we know political parties have positive discrimination or have special selection committees to choose women for the elected political posts and here comes the question,  why we need to do that? If not for the reason that some still consider women are not equal or not good enough to hold the positions. Also with positive discrimination, some people might think that there is a problem with women, and one needs to help them to be elected, and when elected they have seen as they haven't done it on their own merits but because of men enabled them and allowed them to do so !!!!

Men, all together and from all the political parties and outside the parties' frames need to come out with deeds, not words if they believe in women right and believe in women abilities.  They need to step aside and not to put their names as candidates or to accept the nomination for a local or general election.  Instead, give the space for women .  This will help to educate people to accept women more and to have equal social and not to have part of it depends on the others to be accepted or may be forced on some. This also will shorten the time for women to gain the full right and to have an equal society. Education may be is the secret for equal society here. will have a general survey to see how many people agree with the proposal. A survey for Greater Manchester Councillors to measure the acceptance of the proposal by a good number of people actually in political posts now has been held, with the results shown below.

Survey Input :

Question 1  -  

For the past suffering of and deprivation of women , which lead to losing half of the talented people to fully participate in the communities   , do you agree that the communities should be compensated in Deeds, not in Words and to educate people still not believing in women as equal , by showing real examples of compensation in Deeds Not in Words ?

Answer: Yes or No

Question 2  -  

Do you agree with a short period of women-only candidates to represent the communities in local and central governments?  This to educate people who are not believing in women still. To shorten the time required from now for women to be accepted as equal to men and for everyone to have the choice of selecting a woman or a man as representatives without restrictions and without the need for women to depend on men to be selected as candidates?

Answer: Yes or No

Question 3  -  

How many women's only sessions should be implemented for local and central governments to achieve the goal of equal society for men and women?

 Answer : 0,1 , 2 , 3 or More

Please let us know if the number of councillors is wrong in any borough or any other mistake.
A public survey shall follow soon.
Survey Result :
Findings Concillors Replies Ans1  (Yes) Ans2  (Yes) Ans3 (Yes)
Bolton 58 0 0 0 0
% of replies agree          
% of Total agree          
Bury 51 0 0 0 0
% of Replies Agree          
% of Total Agree          
Manchester 94 0 0 0 0
% of Replies Agree          
% of Total Agree          
Oldhan 58 0 0 0 0
% of Replies Agree          
% of Total Agree          
Rochdale 60 0 0 0 0
% of Replies Agree          
% of Total Agree          
Salford 60 0 0 0 0
% of Replies Agree          
% of Total Agree          
Stockport 63 0 0 0 0
% of Replies Agree          
% of Total Agree          
Tameside 57 0 0 0 0
% of Replies Agree          
% of Total Agree          
Trafford 62 0 0 0 0
% of Replies Agree          
% of Total Agree          
Wigan 75 0 0 0 0
% of Total Agree          
Totals 638 0 0 0 0


 On April 17, 2018, emails sent to the 638 councillors asked them to participate in the survey. Only two replies received and to make sure that the emails delivered or in case the emails stopped for security reason, which is understandable as the first emails sent in batches, one batch for each borough. Then emails sent individually to a few councillors from each borough but still no replies except the replies we received the first time from two councillors.


Also, we have received auto-replies from some councillors who were out of office and we hoping to receive their replies when they come back and then we will try to find out if our emails are accessible to the councillors or not then we can update the councillors' survey. Can anyone let us know if councillors can be contacted by email or not? 



Concillors Replies Ans1  (Yes) Ans2  (Yes) Ans3 
Totals 638 2 1 1 0 and 3 years
% of Agreed / Replies      50% 50% 0
% of Agreed / Total      0.16% 0.16% 0


 The survey  finding is very interesting and one can break it down to, that is if the councillors received the emails  :

1 - None of the Councillors so far interested in the survey except two.

2 - The Greater Manchester councillors do not agree with the suggestion of women-only sessions but they do not declare it.

3 - 

4 - 

It will be very interesting to hear from some of  Greater Manchester Boroughs'  councillors comments and feedback then we may add further items to above list and that is why we left it blank after item 2 for now. will continue to pursue the survey especially with new councillors have been elected and to try our luck again to find out better findings/result and we are going to expend the survey for the further field than Manchester Borough  Councils and measure the reaction from boroughs outside  Greater Manchester to compare it to Manchester Borough Councils.


In the meanwhile, we ask to participate in the same survey by answering the same three questions to see how public opinion differ from people in authority.


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