What’s going to happen to Manchester after Brexit  ???? We do not know what is going to happen and our guess is as good as yours and as good as any politicians in Manchester or England. This site is independent, we don’t reflect the views of any party, and we are so happy about this as none of the parties or at least the ones that may be able to influence the situation can justify their actions now. All the main parties doing is fighting each other or between themselves, while the Europeans are watching and preparing for any outcome from the UK politicians. The Europeans will have an open book negotiation with the UK as all details of the UK thinking their aim, and the targeted achievements and demand are known to everyone and in particular, to the people the UK negotiating with. One can say, the dirty washing free to be inspected by everyone in public.   
What is vital for the visitors in Manchester is how Brexit is going to affect them and to think of their investment, pound sterling movement against other currencies and how to do better after Brexit. This site is only thinking loud here !!!! No more no less. This site is not to give advice on financial issues or claim to know anything about what will happen and for the matter of fact, not the best financial advisers understand what is going to happen; we think they are guessing. And they will continue to assume till Britain exit The European Union. They may direct you to one way or another, and if their advice happens to be good they are a star and if not you lose money and ends there.
If you have money don’t let others play with your money, play with it yourself. The internet is there for you to make the judgment and to decide on the direction to take and at least you can learn when something goes wrong.
Visitors in Manchester knows people who had advice from a big accounting company in Greater Manchester that made them lose money, a good amount, by following the account company advice. They didn’t even get an apology for the wrong information they got from the accountancy company. The only thing the accountancy company did is blaming everyone else, from different authorities they dealt with to changes in government policies etc, etc. but never their work or advice, as they always perfect.
If you can, Don’t let other people play with your money and lose it, do it yourself at least when you lose some money you're learning. If you have currency in pound sterling, do you have to keep it or to change it to Euro, and you have to watch the movement all the time. This one a difficult decision to make especially one of British newspaper reported that Bank Of England has used some of the currency reserves and bought billions of Euros since the referendum !!! do we have to follow them or not !!!! Sorry, we can not give any advice. Good luck whatever you do and hope it will be the right decision.
The second issue that might be affected by Brexit in Manchester is the property market and in particular  Manchester flats prices. Manchester has a good number of European Union Citizens working in the city from Spain, France, Italy and other European countries and the number increasing or it was. When one flies to Madrid now, nearly 3/4 of the passengers are Spanish, and that shows the size of the integration with Europe. Therefore, we think  Manchester had a plan of expansion to the infrastructure, services and a vast number of blocks of flats in and around the city centre based on the number of Europeans estimated to work and live in Manchester. One can tell from the number of cranes one can see in Manchester that reminds you of the construction boom in Dubai and Riyadh in the 80s. Now the influx of the European is going to stop, and some who have settled in Manchester decided to leave due to the uncertainty. That will leave many empty flats, which are planned to be occupied by the Europeans and this might drop the flat prices down drastically especially after reading newspaper article warned UK housing market is 12% overpriced, that leaves many of us to suffer as flat owners in Manchester. Also, this might open the opportunity to big foreign companies to invest in buying flats and blocks of flats which might cause trouble to the locals and visitors as it will be very difficult for them to compete with the big companies as we have seen it in London.
Again this is loud thinking and to emphasise that this site is not to give advice but to highlight and we welcome comments. On a lighter note see below photo taken in Madrid just after the referendum.
In this site, we sometimes think loud, but you don’t have to consider it as advice to follow or to do the same.

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