Imagine if Manchester and Liverpool to agree on allocating a designated area or areas to develop as a tourist zone(s) away from the city centres and extent it from Greater Manchester edge to Merseyside sea and build climatize resorts on the seaside. How much benefits the Mancunians and Liverpudlians will have from the investments of companies national and international that will invest and from the tourist industry that will follow and continue with the income. The cities and the locals will continue to benefit from the tourists as the tourists will visit the cities for so many attractions there. Of course, that is without much pain and the difficulties for the locals as what is happening now, Everything is concentrated in the centres, and soon the locals may feel strangers in their cities if the tourist industry is not controlled correctly and in our opinion that is what will happen as controlling is very hard in this  development speed. team is not a city planner but from the people feedback and what one can see in Manchester and Liverpool, the cities are changing rapidly, getting crowded and the investors and tourists in the increase all the time. These two cities have their original plans turned upside down, instead of the city plans designed for the city centres as workplaces and the superb for the living and accommodation. Now the city centres crammed with people locals and from all over the world.  Every empty land is under construction, or someone has an eye on it to build a few story building on it. Every mill and every warehouse have been converted / will be converted to flats. Every old building has been demolished or will be demolished to build a multistory building. That is why we see now the number of cranes is increasing all the time and the cranes getting taller all the time. No one knows how the infrastructure of the cities going to cope with all this increase in the population when all the cranes are down. But if it is like the traffic now and even before the cranes are all down, we may be going to see something unpleasant. Judging by the roads situation, no one had seen any street widened when the old buildings demolished to make space for a new building that may be up to  10 times taller than the original ones but no space has been allocated to widen the streets for the increased traffic and when the buildings are filled with new occupants.

That is why allocating the right size area(s) dedicated to tourism and investors, call it GoldStan ( In the Kurdish language, land of Gold ) or whatever you like to call it, is the best way to have a business, that will  create employment and income revenues without disturbing the locals who will benefit from it. Locals should always come first. Having the tourists places outside the city centres will not affect the tourist industry at all when proper planning is implemented, and dedicated zone(s) created.

As we have seen from Dubai experience: Dubai has started to be famous, vibrant and attracted people, as investors and tourists, from around the world in the mid-70s. The number of new buildings, the infrastructure and new roads constructed beyond anybody imagination for the unknown little emirate and with a little inexperience population. People thought at the time; this big bubble would burst soon — small emirate with no resources no much of population and hardly ones with experience. A poor emirate having nothing and offering nothing more than the hot, sever desert climate and unbearable humidity that averages 95% in summer. That is why no one expected people to come, to live, to invest or to visit as tourists, never mind a significant influx of tourists that would fill all the empty buildings and continues to expand till now. Dubai had no prospect at all. Dubai as a name used as a nickname for ( Nothing ) in some countries in the Middle East. One remembers in the Middle Eastern countries, up to the 60s and 70s when men played dominos, the one with lousy hand used to shout with despair, I got Dubai, people understand that he means he has an inferior lousy hand, he got nothing. Dubai meant or nickname for poor or nothing then. Look at it now and if one compares it to the counties where people used to consider Dubai, nothing as their countries were superior to Dubai. These countries are the poor ones now, and their people have nothing, and they can offer nothing except their readiness to work anywhere in the world that allows them to do so. Despite the history and the past glory, most people from these countries consider Dubai haven on earth, and they would give their life ( as people from the Middle East say) to find a job in Dubai. Men and women from these countries working in Dubai at all level of skills from engineering, medicine skill and none skilled jobs including entertainment and hospitality businesses that were a red line in their counties. 

To allocate areas dedicated to tourism and make it successful that gives a phenomenal revenue is not hard for Manchester and Liverpool. They are ahead, or so much ahead of Dubai when Dubai started, they have everything for the firm and quick start and to build on a solid reputation and foundation, not like Dubai, which had nothing to start or stand on when first launched, as it was sitting on moving sand. If Manchester has Liverpool with it and with climatize seaside resorts, one cannot imagine where this new identity will stop..Tourism, sport, science and technology, art, craft etc. and most important and best of all resources are the people of Manchester and Liverpool. is sure Leeds, Yorkshire, known for its business-minded people will have an eye on this new identity and be jealous and eager to join if allowed by Manchester and Liverpool.

Visitorsinmanchester.Com will be sad to see Manchester and Liverpool like Dubai but to see designated active areas and controlled zones for tourism and that will have local people get what they deserve. Also, the thing we would like to see that Manchester and Liverpool locals have is the benefits of tourism like Dubai people. Locals in Dubai have free housing and bounces in addition to free health, education, including higher education and living subsidies. Besides, the whole country will benefit from tax revenues generated by the new identity.


Update to the article 


After the article was written and published, BBC 2 showed the program, How the Middle Class Ruined Britain. In the program, there was a mention of social cleansing in Manchester because of the fast development and newcomers, it was shocking to hear that. team decided to investigate and find out if there was any social cleansing. As the resources are limited, always tried to find out thinks from the media and the primary source is Manchester Evening News, thanks to them.

The team has found the following regarding Manchester City development and the housing problem 

1 - From   Inside Housing

Morning Briefing: Corbyn warns against social cleansing in Manchester

Jeremy Corbyn has warned against social cleansing in Manchester after concerns about the level of affordable housing being built in the city. 

2 - Manchester Evening News


Jeremy Corbyn weighs into affordable housing debate - and warns Manchester risks ‘going the same way’ as London

Jeremy Corbyn has called for social housing to be included in new Manchester city centre developments or risk the city ‘going the same way’ as London.

Above are two heading from two different resources for Manchester City development and the housing problems. No doubt Mr Jeremy Corbyn knows better than us regarding the situation in London, and Manchester needs to learn from it. Concerning social cleansing, probably needs investigating. Manchester had a tiny population of people living in the city centre. We do not know if any have been driven out of the city because of the new developments. What we know differently: Manchester City Centre is for the elite. The flats are only affordable by foreign investors and well paid and well above the national monthly income people. 

We go back to suggestion to allocate zone(s) for property investors and tourism, whether it is with Liverpool or not. Because it will be challenging for local people to compete with investors as what happened in London and as Mr Jeremy Corbyn highlighted. For locals buying an apartment for accommodation is their life investment and they will continue paying for it for years, and it should be affordable. The monthly payments have to keep When the flat owner is working and between jobs. While investors have excess money to buy and if they lose it, it will not wreck their life as the one who bought it to live in it.

in opinion, It is imperative to have the investment properties separated from the local ones, especially leased properties, to protect the locals.

Please note :

If you buy a freehold house in the superb  your monthly commitments are:

Mortgage, council tax, utility payment, insurance, maintenance if any and if you have the house unoccupied all you have to pay is the mortgage

If you buy a flat in the city centre your monthly commitments are :

Fixed every monthly are the mortgage, the building service charges, council tax, utilities and yearly ground rent to the landlord, the insurance.  Also variable if the building needs improvement due to change in the building standards or upgrade old system or machines. 

For the flat, there is no option of changing the payment at any time and whether the flat is occupied or not.











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