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In this site, we intended to have the visitors learning about and understanding the British way of life and living when they come to Manchester and not just seeing buildings, shopping and other stuff tourists interesting in, which are vital activities of course but a lot of tourism sites cover this side. We are working towards this to encourage the visitors to learn about the British way of life, and the locals learn about the people visiting Manchester and their way of life and living, and we hope we will succeed in achieving the goal. The fundamental of the British way of life is affected and governed by the political ideas, views and the principle of the political parties and the politicians controlling local governments and the central government that swings mainly between two parties. As for the central government, there is a two-party system that controls it; one party governs after winning the general election and the other party form a shadow government, a shadow cabinet. The shadow government main job and hence the activity is to watch and criticise all government activities and claims that they can do better than what the government is doing now and when they win the general election everything will be fantastic, more money, better services and support for the nation etc. Some shadow governments promised more than what is possible to deliver but still only promise to lure the voters to give them the vote, till they win the election then you have to wait and see!!!!!. Sometimes one feels that the opposition is always hoping that the government to do poorly and people may suffer, then they have the chance to get in power, this is maybe not true but just a feeling when you see how the two sides argue and debate the issues. This situation sometimes happens in other less fortunate countries, in one country in the Middle East, where they have the issues often debated physically instead of verbally, one politician heard saying, this government doing things right that is very bad for us. 

There are other parties in England, but they do not influence the government and the way of life of the English people. For a quick and easy understanding of the British politics and the politician's views and ideas and the way, the country is governed we encourage the visitors to watch Sunday morning political programs on BBC and ITV. If you have the time and you are in England in the time they run, you can see excellent weekly programs that give you in a brief what has happened and happening during the week in the country.  The first one is Question time and the second one is This Week, but unfortunately, these two programs don’t run in summer, and that is when Manchester received most visitors. Another program to watch is politics live, which is at 12:15 PM runs during parliament sessions.   We also recommend a political Magazine that runs all the year. It is biweekly magazine covers the politics and the politicians in a funny, pleasant and in an unbiased way, and that is why we recommend it to the visitors so one can understand the politics from an impartial source. Off course there are other political magazines and newspapers but they mostly inclined to one side or another in their reporting or analysis of what is happening in politics.

We are not inclined to, support or supported by any party or organisation and that is why we recommend the Private Eye to read when in England which we are going give a test of it by showing you the cover page soon after we get the new copy as we buy it every two weeks. Hope you will like the British politics and maybe the politicians as we are sure you will love everything else in England.






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