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Question 1  -  

For the past suffering of and deprivation of women, which lead to losing half of the talented people to participate in the communities fully,

 Do you agree that the communities should be compensated in Deeds, not in Words? To educate people still not believing in women as equal by showing real examples of compensation in Deeds Not in Words?

Answer: Yes or No

Question 2  -  

Do you agree with a short period of women-only candidates to represent the communities in local and central governments?  This to educate people who are not believing in women still. To shorten the time required from now for women to be accepted as equal to men and for everyone to have the choice of selecting a woman or a man as representatives without restrictions and without the need for women to depend on men to be selected as candidates?

Answer: Yes or No

Question 3  -  

How many women's only sessions should be implemented for local and central governments to achieve the goal of an equal society for men and women?

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Thank you for participating and we hope your response and thought will go towards influencing how the community is developed and built for a better future.
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