This site is run at very limited human resources and participating of volunteers to widen the input and keep the site dynamic and interesting is appreciated. If you like to volunteer, you are welcome. You can help to maintain this website by volunteering and dedicating a few hours now and then and as needed. We have a few ideas for the site future and direction, and we might need help. If you have the experience and you would like to help in any part or field of this website, whether you are a retired person, someone between jobs and like to enhance the skill by volunteering or someone working and can help by donating a few hours. The website dedicated for promoting Manchester as a tourist distention but without forgetting the Mancunians, people who live or work in Manchester, who might suffer if the city infrastructure and services growth rates run too much behind or not a match to annual tourist growth. All the talk about now and the work on is attracting more and more visitors and that is happening.  The tourism growth rate is going up all the time, which is very good bringing business to Manchester but without the planning and more important allocation of funds and constructing the plans things will not be very nice for the locals in the not very far future. Consequently a few will benefit and a lot will suffer or at least won't be comfortable with it at all. If you like to volunteer, please send your details by clicking the link below, and we will keep your details, and you will be contacted when we need to utilise your skills. You will be invited to meet in Manchester library over a cup of tea and Eccles Cake or other snacks to explore how you can help and how to utilise your skills if suitable and when needed.


As you may notice www,visitorsin.com is concentrating now on Manchester where everything is happening and if the visitors wonder out of Manchester it will be to Salford city, especially with the university, the media city and the lower there, also, the metro link makes it easy to wonder and to explore Salford from Manchester.

Tourism creates jobs, brings revenues, facilities the expansion of local infrastructures, such as roads and public transportation, in addition to the government funds and support for the tourist attraction area as the government will have tax revenue in return. However, these advantages usually concentrated more on the tourist attraction area(s) now Manchester and Salford. The eight other boroughs, which have potential in the tourist industry should have a share of the tourist industry and should work on attracting the visitors to their area as this will expand the benefit, brings more revenues and reduce the pressure on Manchester. Some of the eight boroughs have a very long tourist industry. So hopefully in the future volunteers will be needed for each district to concentrate on each area, exchange ideas and to work together. Again if you like to volunteer, you can send your details by clicking on the link below.




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