Manchester was one of the world's first industrialised city's, The mother of all new industries, the workshop where everything has started and where the modern world first inventions have born.  From the heavy steel industries,  the machinery to the present form of transportation and passenger trains up to the computer that has changed our way of lives since it was first created in Manchester and became part of our way of life and attached to us in so many forms and shape. That is why there is a saying " What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow. "



Manchester Day 2019

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Manchester is the second largest city in England, and it is located in the northwest of England with vibrant industrial heritage and used to be called the workshop of the world. Now Manchester is very well known for its musical events, culture, architecture, sports events, most famous football clubs, scientific and engineering outputs and transport connection. The first railway station built in Manchester and the first intercity passenger train started from Manchester to Liverpool, 60 KM to the west. The city linked to the sea in 1894 with the completion of the Manchester ship canal and the opening of Manchester port. Manchester is the second most popular distention for visitors in England, and the popularity is still in the increase as it is becoming desirable for visitors as tourists, shoppers, students and transit passengers stopping in their way to  Canada and America or Eastern Europe, Middle East and Near East.





What is the plan for Manchester to accommodate the influx of visitors? What is the forecast for the annual increase in the number of visitors to Manchester in the say coming five years? One study reveals the growth is now is at a rate of 15% each year, not a small increase !!!!




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Does the city have the plan to invest in expanding and upgrading the infrastructure and facilities that will make it pleasant, confirmable and exciting to the visitors and without too much disturbance to the locals who also will be subject to the adverse side effect of tourism if things not dealt with appropriately and efficiently?

Some of the tourists have interests in other things than just buildings, culture, arts, dining, and shopping. How Manchester City going to tolerate this, by controlling or adapting and relaxing some rules.


Manchester Airport is becoming very popular for passengers travelling between the east and west of the UK and for visitors to Manchester and northwest. How much the airport is contributing to developing the infrastructure that will make the increase of visitors flow more comfortable for the visitors and local people.






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