Has Manchester got some problems? Yes, of course, Manchester is a real city, not  Disneyland and one of the issues to talk about now is Homelessness.
The homelessness is one of the problems Manchester city has and without a solution so far despite the authorities, so many charities, the media focus and people willing to help but still no change to the problem as we see in the city.
Andy Burnham, the mayor of Manchester, pledged to give 15% of his salary to help to solve the homelessness in Manchester. In this site, we do not show photos of the homeless people, but we took a picture of a homeless hopping for Andy Burnham to be the Mayor to solve her problem.
IMG 8242
Andy Burnham is the Mayor now and from what we read and hear he is working on solving the homelessness people problem and he has kept his pledge and he is donating part of his salary for the homeless people. That is something new for us to see a politician or someone in authority to give part of the salary to help to solve a problem.
That is not propaganda for Andy Burnham, we do not know him personally, but we want to see why this problem is unsolvable? When the Authorities, so many charities, the media focusing and people willing to help and a mayor who is working on solving the problem pledging 15% of his salary till its solve and the problem still there. 
How many homeless people in Manchester City Centre?
is there a record of the homeless people in Manchester?
How we measure the progress of solving the homelessness problem?
Does anyone know the answers?
We hope, on this site sometime soon, we will be able to do something to help with solving the problem and not just asking questions.

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