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One of activities is the photo sessions, where the camera is active in taken photos of Manchester visitors to show them enjoying being in Manchester, relaxing and happy in the city. The photos also reflect the people visiting Manchester, by nationality, a region of the world, in addition, to the fashion and dress code they wear etc and as the time moves on one can see the changes.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between some visitors and some locals as Manchester is a cosmopolitan and diverse city and people from all over the world have settled in Manchester. It is even more difficult when it comes to men, as most men have a standard outfit everywhere you go unless they wear a national custom. The ladies more likely to wear different dress code to Manchester ladies.


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Our apology when we take photos of people from Manchester that we think they are visitors despite the attempt not to. Sometimes we have missed opportunities of taken photos of visitors that we thought were locals till we hear them speaking. Europeans, in particular, are hard to catch for photos, only when they are very close and you hear them speak then it is very late to take photos. Also, it is hard most of the time to take photos of Manchester visitors in isolation from the locals.

Taken the photos and publish them on the website will show other how wonderful is Manchester, as we are confident of that, and hopefully to encourage others to follow suit and visit Greater Manchester. Regular photo sessions will help local businesses and give them the incentive to adapt some of their business to the kind of visitors like the food menus, fashion, entertainments to mention.

If you do not like to be part of to promote Manchester in the form of the photo sessions, please send us your request by clicking the link below. Please send your request with a proof that the photo belongs to you, as we don't want anyone removing your photo except you and we will try to remove your photo as soon as we can. Otherwise, be part of it to promote it, Manchester.


If you do not like to be part of to promote Manchester, Please Click Link Below :


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