Why is more than just a tourists attraction site?

Being in Manchester, the dynamic city and the birthplace of the greatest inventions that have influenced and changed the whole world and humanity for the better.   The feeling that being surrounded by all events from the past and the present that happened and happening in Manchester, One cannot just ignore these events but gets involve in/with these events even when intentionally not intended to do so. That is why sometimes you may notice some of the pages are not exactly what you see in tourism sites. Manchester is different, being part of Manchester it has to be different.



After helping people from abroad visiting the UK and spending time in Manchester and the North West for quite a few years either for them to enjoy their holidays, shopping,  studying or exploring the area and some came for business or private medical treatment and to see private medical specialists in Manchester. That's, besides,  living in a few countries in and outside Europe apart from England, which helps with communicating and understanding UK visitors requirements, expectations, comfort and how to spend the time in their holidays.  

Probably you will find this site is the only site that promoting tourism but not forgetting the local people, The Mancunians, and we will be glad to hear from Manchester people how they feel about the influx of tourists landing in Manchester with the influx rate increasing by 15 % a year at the moment.

Yes, the tourism is good for the economy, but it has to be managed and controlled correctly and hopefully, Manchester doing that. Otherwise, it will not be a blessing for the locals in the long run, as we have seen how tourism in other favourite cities sometimes has a negative impact on local people. Locals live here all their lives not like tourists a week or two, and they can bear it, and it is sometimes part of having fun if everything is not in a proper order sometimes.


You may find the language structure, and the grammar of this site is not to your expectation, and that is because it is written by someone who has been adopted by Manchester to be one of its citizens at a very advanced age. 

Hoping, there will be a way to improve the language, but in the meantime, we hope the visitors to the site will understand the content ( hopefully without too much struggle), enjoy the time spent and benefit from the information provided.

Your comment, feedback or opinion will be highly appreciated to help us improve.



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