Manchester City Council, the local government authority for Manchester had an election for councillors on May 3, 2018. As well as Manchester City Council, there were elections for councillors in the other nine Greater Manchester Boroughs.

Manchester City and Other borough Councils are made up of councillors (they called members) who are voted for by the public in local elections to be there to perform their roles for the time they elected. They get support from permanent council staff (they called officers).

Councillors are elected to represent people in a defined geographical area in Greater Manchester Boroughs for a fixed term of four years unless elected at a by-election in which case the time will be shorter. Councillors have to balance the needs and interests of residents, voters, political parties and the councils.

Councillors decide on the overall direction of the council policy. Council officers then implement these policy initiatives and are responsible for delivering services on a daily basis. The direction of the policy depends on the party who has the majority and overall political control of councils and hence, The Local 

What is local government responsible for?    and do the responsibilities  vary over the years

The responsibilities of the local government differ from one district to another and sometimes from time to time, and also who is in the central government, Councils sometimes responsible for all or some of the following activities :

Education, Highways, Transport Planning, Passenger Transport, Social Care, Housing, Libraries, Leisure and Recreation, Environmental Health, Waste Collection, Waste Disposal, Planning Applications, Strategic Planning and Local Tax Collection.

Above listed roles shows that the council can do/does a lot to the community whether they have the function in carrying out the whole list or part of it. However, the public has the impression that the council does nothing more than collecting the rubbish and collecting the council tax and that is what has stuck in their mind. But one must admit that we have lately seen a copy of leaflets dropped in houses in one area as part of the election campaign. The leaflets bear the name and photos of the councillors of the area highlighting their achievements in the area, not a lot only two in the leaflet, one of the activities/achievements is adding and replacing dustbins in one of the parks' gates. One would expect this kind of leaflets would emphasize the idea of the council roles in the mind of the public, which is the rubbish collection.


Manchester Evening News   has the below  link that shows the results  :


Manchester local elections 2018 results?


As a result of the elections find out who govern Manchester now  in the below link from Manchester City Council site as of July 9, 2018 :


Click below to find out : 

Who Govern Manchester Locally 





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