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Things to know  and things not to do as a visitor in Manchester

Goes without saying you have to respect the law in Manchester and if you involve or deal with law enforcement people and here we mean the police. You will find the police in Manchester are very polite, kind and friendly people and they always help with whatever they can even when you ask them about direction. However, they are firm and with an excellent discipline to deal with anything in any environment or circumstances and not to carry guns don't make them less powerful and authoritative. In Manchester, you should feel safe as you will have an excellent police force to protect you.

As a visitor, it is imperative to Understanding and respecting that the law in any country you visit and the law in Manchester may be different from your country but good and bad things more or less are obvious, and the law in any country don't protect you exclude you if you don't know it.

Here a few things you need to know and remind you not to do as a visitor to Manchester

1 - Do not overstay your visa or the time you are allowed to stay in Manchester. If for any reason you need to extend your visit and stay longer you have to apply and have the permission to remain for a longer time if authorities accept the reason or reasons in your application. 

2 - Don't work or take a job unless you have a work permit and you have to pay tax and obtain a national insurance number. Do not start your life in England on the wrong side of the law.

3 - Manchester is a multi-culture multi-race multi-religion community.

4 - Visitors should not involve in a relationship with an underage person or marry one.

5 - Manchester is one of the world's leaders to accept the same-sex relationship and if your religion or culture do not agree with the same-sex relationship and you think your religion or culture is right and you are not will to change, probably Manchester is not your place.

A family from the Middle East requested assistance to find accommodation for them in Manchester and a charming flat recommended for them in the city centre. We had a further query from them then,  Are there any gays living in the building? The answer was this is Manchester take it as a whole or leave it, and if you are coming to Manchester you have to live the way the Mancunians live, they accept everyone. If they not comfortable with that probably Manchester is not the place for them.

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