Manchester Bees

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Visitors to Manchester between now and September 23 can explore the city and it’s suburbs in a very unique way - by tracking down decorated fibreglass bees, which have been installed in more than 200 different locations.




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Manchester is a great place to see public art; the city recently commissioned graffiti artists to paint colourful murals on city centre buildings, and Bee In The City, as the exhibition is called, is not a new concept.

More than a decade ago, a similar project saw 150 painted cows installed across the city, (and other cities around the world), but this year’s installation is bigger and better.

Since the bomb at Manchester Arena last year, the city’s identity has become stronger than ever, and the worker bee is the city’s official symbol.

Wild in Art and Manchester City Council, are behind the project, which also has a shop selling bee-themed souvenirs. Public events are also running regularly to coincide with the bee trail.


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The bees have been sponsored by local businesses and a different artists has been commissioned to create each of the 100+ giant bees, while local young people have designed 125 smaller ones. 

Many bees reflect the city’s history, with references to music, culture, and politics. There are bees outside many of Manchester’s important landmarks, including the world famous football stadiums of Manchester City and Manchester United.

Visitors who want to take part in the trail can find a map on the website for free:, or an app is available to download. It costs £1.99, but some of the proceeds go to charity, and bee-spotters can unlock rewards like discounts on drinks and train tickets.



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