Anthony Marn Exhibition is in The Weavers Factory, a contemporary art gallery that always has new exhibits of excellent artists 

In 2019 Nigel Durkan and Julian Bovis converted The Weaver Factory. Located in Uppermill on the outskirts of Manchester to an art gallery. It is located at at13 New St, Uppermill, Oldham OL3 6AU. Nigel and Julian devoted their time to the artwork. You will know all about them and the gallery when you visit the art gallery. 





 IMG 20200315 142452



IMG 20200315 142514


Here are some of Anthony Exhibits:




  • IMG_20200315_140732
  • IMG_20200315_140743
  • IMG_20200315_140811
  • IMG_20200315_141021
  • IMG_20200315_141056
  • IMG_20200315_142106
  • IMG_20200315_142311
  • IMG_20200315_142322
  • IMG_20200315_142508
  • IMG_20200315_142023
  • IMG_20200315_142036
  • IMG_20200315_142056
  • IMG_20200315_142201
  • IMG_20200315_142239
  • IMG_20200315_142259



 IMG 20200315 142209



 Anthony at his studio/home and more Exhibits:


  • IMG_20200315_141517
  • IMG_20200315_141531
  • IMG_20200315_141619
  • IMG_20200315_141704
  • IMG_20200315_141721
  • IMG_20200315_141744
  • IMG_20200315_141748
  • IMG_20200315_141815
  • IMG_20200315_141828
  • IMG_20200315_141836
  • IMG_20200315_141843






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Street Photography Not Like The Others 


Welcome to Observers' Paradox

Pop - Up

 Use the torch to explore


Last night VIMTO visited Tallyrand Bar, Levenshulme to see and explore an exhibition of street photography by Lydia and Sam, Lydia M Instagram @f3mal3_gaze  and Sam Batley Instagram  @sambatley.  

The exhibits are excellent and different from the usual street photography as it is mainly focused on the people more than the surroundings also the prints are displayed hanged in the formate of hanging clothes on a washing line in a dark room and to see the exhibits you need a little torch that is provided by the exhibitors ( they provided plenty torches) for the exhibition visitors to use to explore the fantastic photos on display on the washing line. Also, they have chosen a very lovely venue, Tallyrand Bar to exhibit in a nice atmosphere and to have a drink after exploring the exhibition, All in all, it was a good evening to spend after watching the Moon and Venues close to each other and in very clear view in Manchester sky on February 27.

 Lydia and Sam are local artists and sure that they can provide very good photography service in the Northwest for business, social and family occasions.


IMG 20200227 191004

 Washing line formate for displaying exhibits


IMG 20200227 191157


IMG 20200227 191350


More shots on Instagram and Twitter

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The UK is about to have yet another general election and soon the internet and airwaves will be filled with talk of marginals, hustings and spin. But what do all these things really mean?


General election 2019: Key words and phrases explained

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