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Labour pledges to reverse cuts to 3,000 bus routes in England.


BBC has reported the subject article, which thinks it is good news if that happened as if the reversing the cuts and expanding the bus routes will give the people the freedom of movement to work or for pleasure. More bus routes will also give people a more extensive choice of where to live and work. For us, as tourist attractions site we think providing more bus routes and expanding public transports will help more people to benefit from the tourist industry and gives the tourists more choices for their accommodation.


You can read the full BBC article 

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Brexit has been delayed, and new Brexit deadline has been set for 31 October 

If you are visiting England for the first time and want to know about Brexit or you want

to refresh your knowledge here is a link from BBC 

Brexit: Your simple guide to the UK leaving the EU


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See How Well You know places in England From MEN Link Below 


Manchester Evening News 



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The most question we have been asked

by Manchester visitors is what will happen

if the UK ended with no deal with EU and again

we have to go to the rescuers to find the answer

for them the BBC, which we find in below link


Brexit: What does no deal mean?