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Manchester Day, The big Manchester’s family day returns on Sunday 23 June, from 12  until 6 pm.


Manchester is ‘10 out of 10’. This year is the 10th anniversary of Manchester Day and to celebrate the 10 incredible years of Manchester Day. Manchester is one of the greatest cities top marks for its successes in science and industry, education, music and sporting achievements. This year celebration will be fantastic and will show some 10 out of 10 creative responses from Manchester communities and their supporting artists.
Don't miss it, be there.


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Any Question? Here anyone can ask questions and hope people who know provide answers, and people can comment on the questions and answers.


Q 14 - 

Personal question, When you vote in the election do you vote for the MP on her/his merit, and own background or you considerate is a vote for a party or a vote for the leader of the party, We heard One lady comment some time ago ’ if my cat Zary stood as a candidate for X party she could win in an election .

Q 13 - Will electing new MPs more often give better choices and benefits to the voters? Like switching insurance & phone companies etc. Loyalty may be old fashion nowadays.

Maybe, Voting for new MPs more often make them more competitive and will benefit the public.

Q 12 - 

Would independent media support good independent parliamentary candidates or their independency is supporting the political parties equally? Then the independent media don't lose readers and advert revenues.

Q 11 - 

If there is a parliamentary candidate in your area, and you think he/she would be suitable for your constituents. Would you volunteer to support independent candidates with the election campaign to keep them independent?

Q 10 - 

Why do not we see many independent MPs in the parliament? When the majority of the public are not part members or affiliated to a party. Maybe only 1% of the population are party members while the parties' MPs in the parliament more than 95 %.

Q 9 - 

would you vote for an independent candidate in the next general election, a serious candidate, if you have the opportunity of having one in your constituent/area or you think they are a waste of time?

Q 8 - There is a question and thought to share from someone who was very excited to vote in an election.

He puts it like this :
From someone very excited to vote for the first time in last  May the 2 local elections,  I had  a situation  when I could not invest my vote: 
 I would have voted for the party that I thought will be the best if their candidate is not the same for tens of years, which blocks young people and women opportunity to be councillors and who might even perform better  !!!!!!
Also, that brings a flashback trauma to the native country where one has to vote for the same person in every election until that person dies.
I would have voted for the second-best, if  I thought he would win, despite the scaremongering from my favourite party, but no chance as one can tell from the majority in the previous elections.
I would have voted for any of other two minor parties, but that would be a waste of time, in addition to not agreeing with them, I do not think they know what to do when they win.
Then I have decided, Best not to vote.
Was that decision a waste of a vote in the election ? or one can consider it protest vote. 
Ans 8 - considers it a waste of the vote, and with the fast-changing political environment, the political parties need momentum and more involvement of party members and supporters at all levels to withstand the changes and to survive. 
What do you think?


Q 7 - How much does it cost to run a flat in Manchester?

This question from someone wants to buy a flat in Manchester to use when on vacation in Manchester.

 Ans 7 - Before you buy a flat, it’s essential to know how much will you spend running it.
 A fundamental question because if you can not afford to pay the running cost you will lose your flat, and we presume as a foreign buyer you will pay cash for your flat.
To run  a flat in Manchester and use it to spend your holiday it will cost you yearly on average  as follow:
This estimate is  for two bedrooms flat in Manchester city centre,
1 - Ground Rent around 400.00
 Every year to the landlord payment of around 400.00.
The landlord is the company that owns the building and the land and lease the flat to the buyer for the number of the years in the lease. 
2 -  Service charge  2280.00 
If you own flat in Manchester, you have to pay on average around 190.00 per month to the company appointed by the landlord to manage the building in which you buy the flat — usually standing order payments. 
3 - Council Tax, around 1800.00
From the day you own the flat you have to pay council tax in monthly instalments. 
4 - Electricity and water  1080.00
Monthly, the bill goes to the flat or you can arrange electronic sent to your email.
5 - Insurance, 200.00
You can make in one payment or monthly payment. 
The insurance covers the contents of your flat and liability for others if something happens in your flat and cause damage to others, like water leakage for example.
6 - The wear and tear and maintenance allowance 250
Any work needs to be carried out and if you need to call craftsperson to do the job.
The total is around a figure of 6,000.00 Pounds that is the yearly expenses to have a flat in Manchester.
Besides,  to the 6000.00 Pounds, sometimes you have to consider payments  for the following: 
1 -  Due to changes in building standards and regulations the building management company will arrange for this to be carried out and divide the amount between the number of flats and the size of the flat. You have to pay this immediately, and if you do not pay it you will be charged interest, management follows up cost and solicitor cost if you late.
2 - Improvement or upgrade needed to the building design or structure and a correction is necessary to be carried out. The amount divided and paid as above.
 3 - Emergency work needs to be carried out like the fire alarm or lift broken and to be repaired or replace the amount will be divided and paid as above.
Hence, in addition to the 6000.00 annual payment, you may need amounts of 1000 to 3000 pounds for any emergency at any time and to be arranged quickly, as if you do not provide it in good time you have to pay extra charges and interest, or you could lose your flat if you do not pay it .

Q 6 - Can international students apply to Manchester Universities before they finish high school and have the result for final exams in their countries?

Ans 6 - The answer for 6 is this: Student can apply to Manchester Universities before they have the result for the final exam and they must apply as soon as they can to secure a conditional place in one of Manchester Universities. Manchester Universities have an outstanding reputation, and they rank top worldwide and students from all over the world after securing a seat in one of the universities.

Manchester has several universities in addition to colleges and education and training establishments cover a wide range of subjects.

 Q 5 - Why the local elections are not distributed evenly between males and females, like every 2 or 3 sessions seat alternate between the two genders,

and we do not have the parties impose who run for the seat, but this comes naturally balanced gender seats.

 Q 4 - As one reads in The Manchester Evening News and The Guardian Council tax always going up and still the serves subjected to cut. Why the parties do not have the new candidates for local election with more experience to improve the situation.

Q 3 -  Why Manchester has not developed investment zones for foreign and locals investors to buy properties, then locals

won't be affected or compete with the investors with a lot of money or their accommodation.

Q 2 - Why public transports are not connected, and when one buys say, day saver, it can be used to travel on any bus for the same zone for

the bus and Metrolink and even local trains like some other European cities.

Q 1 - Why all development of new flat concentrated in Manchester and Salford, and within maybe a mile of Manchester City Centre.


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Picture from Google Map



From Manchester city centre You are only 30 KM about 19 Miles from  Middle Black Clough Waterfall.

You can get there by car or train with a bit of walk if the weather permitting. You can spend good time there away from

the city centre. Most of the time people go there and spend a few hours to walk and find a  nice place to eat. It is an opportunity to do something different.