There are a few cities, towns and places of interest that one can visit in one day while staying in Manchester either by train or driving and we recommend the following locations to visit if the time allows  :

Liverpool :

Liverpool is a fascinating city to visit, and it is not far from Manchester only 35 Miles / 56 KM West. One can travel to Liverpool by train, which is an opportunity to follow the first passenger train journey in the world, Manchester to Liverpool and there are regular daily trains from Manchester, or you can drive and follow M62 to Liverpool.  


 Map from Manchester to Liverpool


Liverpool attracts visitors from all over the world, with more museums and galleries anywhere outside the capital, London. Liverpool designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known worldwide as the birthplace of The Beatles. Liverpool always has so many musical, art and sport existing events and you will find a selection of places to explore and things to do.

York :

York is the UK Capital of chocolate.  While other cities built on steel, mining or wool and cotton industries. York’s fame and fortune has a sweet flavour. One of York is wealth came for producing chocolate for so many years. One of the attractions in York is a visit to chocolate factories and chocolate museum.   

York is an ancient city with so many historic buildings of exquisite architecture and cobbled streets and walking in the city centre is like walking in open air museum surrounded by the historic city wall which one can walk it or part of it and enjoy incredible views. The wall is 3.4 kilometres long, and it takes about 2 to 2,5 hours to walk it.

During your visit to York, you can enjoy many attractions, museums, historic buildings, tours, shops, restaurants and bars within the walled city.

You can travel to York either by train or drive. 

Map from Manchester to York



Leeds :

Located 44 Miles / 70 KM north west of Manchester, Leeds is a bustling city and has glorious Victorian buildings, arcades and shopping centres and many attractions to visit. In the past, Leeds previous fame associated with the manufacturing of textiles and  Leeds is now an important financial centre second only to London.  Leeds has a vibrant nightlife, ever-increasing tourism scene and an extensive selection of best restaurants in the UK. You can travel to Leeds from Manchester either by train or drive via M62 East.


Map from Manchester to Leeds


Sheffield is not a popular destination to visit from Manchester, and the author of this page first arrived in Sheffield to study, but when he visited his friends in Manchester, he changed his course and studied in Manchester. He also had a few months to tour the UK before started his study in Manchester. 
Now Sheffield is a very vibrant city and after past the recession period, which happened after the decline of the steel industry. Sheffield was known as the steel city as it was famed for its production since the beginning of the last century
Sheffield is England's greenest city and set in a unique Peak District landscape. The road from Manchester to Sheffield is very different and exciting called the Snake Pass, which is a narrow mountain road at an elevation of 1,680 feet (510 m) above the sea level located in the Derbyshire section of the Peak District, crossing the Pennines between Manchester and Sheffield. The Snake Pass is often closed in the winter months as the bending roads become icy. The Snake Pass has superb views, and the scenery is exceptional.
Map from Manchester to Sheffield
Manchester Sheffield Via A57 Snake Pass
The alternative route from Manchester to Sheffield is A628, which is one of the main roads in the north of England. Connecting  Manchester and South Yorkshire by crossing the Pennine chain of hills passing through the Woodhead and Peak District.  The road height and the exposure of the road create problems during poor weather.  In winter the road is sometimes closed due to snow or high winds.
Map from Manchester to A628, Sheffield S36
Manchester Sheffield Via A628 
So although Sheffield is not a popular destination, however, for the experience of crossing the Pennine chain of hills and, seeing Peak District landscape and driving through the Snake Pass it is worth it. There also regular trains run from Manchester to Sheffield daily.
North Wales 
North Wales situated about 95 Miles / 152 Kilometre in West Manchester.  North Wales has the best outdoor activities in the UK. Brilliant beaches. Exciting mountain scenery. Fascinating ancient culture and heritage wherever you turn. North Wales has a lot to offer, and you need a car for this trip to explore what you can in one day.  North Wales has more castles per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world in addition to the antiquity sites. 
In North Wales, they have the fish and lamb dishes that you can enjoy if you stop in one of the local restaurants. Also if you like your day trip to North Wales and you like to spend a long time in the future, we recommend that you rent a farm and you will have one of the best experience, especially if you have your family with you. Sometimes you can rent live farm with old cottage next to the owner and experience the way farmers live including feeding the animals, milking the cows and goats.
Map from Manchester to North Wales
via M56 and N Wales Expy/A55
The Lake District

90 Miles / 144 KM North Manchester, The Lake District is visited by people from all over the UK and across the world for its stunning scenery, wildlife, history, and culture. The Lake District has 12 of the largest Lakes in England and 3,105 kilometres of rights of way; this is indeed one of Britain's breathing spaces. Day Visitors can enjoy water sport, cycling, walking or have a picnic and enjoy the scenery. Again you need a car for this trip to make the most of it and to explore the area and enjoy it.
Manchester to Windermere Lake map - Google Search

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