Manchester has restaurants and takeaways with so many verities of recipes and menus  but as you in Manchester try to find and explore the taste of  these Manchester traditional dishes 
• Manchester caviar
• Manchester Egg
• Manchester Tart
• Pasty barm. 
• Eccles cakes
• Bury black pudding
• Lancashire hotpot.
In addition to the Sunday roast Yorkshire pudding and the gravy, the fish and chips, apple pie, apple crumble and of course the afternoon tea. 
Manchester also has its drink called Vimto created in Manchester in 1908 by  John Noel Nicholas. Although Vimto is more famous abroad than in the UK, some people in the south of England have not heard or know about it.
If anyone from Manchester knows more traditional dishes and know the ingredients of the listed dishes and any other dishes, please forward it to us then we can have them to promote Manchester recipes for  Manchester visitors to try and enjoy t. 
2018 Manchester Food and Drink Festival is from September 27 to October 8. We hope everyone will enjoy this great event.

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