Manchester Day,

Was on Sunday, June 17, 2018, and it was a great sunny day, to see the photos from the day, click below links of facebook, twitter, Instagram and youtube 



IMG 0134



Word On The Street, the word on the street was a century ago when the Suffragettes were fighting to get votes for women; the streets in Manchester city centre where the birthplace of the modern world.



IMG 0062


The day celebration is in a typical Mancunian way, and this year it won’t be different. The Mancunians way of organisation, collaboration, participation and volunteering to give the locals and the visitors the best time during the activities of the day.

You can indulge in the city art, craft, music, singing and food and drink and to see 1,5 KM parade to celebrate the day performed by nearly 70 Mancunians groups to make you enjoy the day. The Parade starts at Liverpool Road and ends at Exchange Square. Don’t miss it celebration begins at Midday till 6 PM.

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