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مرحبا بكم في مانشستر marhabaan bik fi manshistar, マンチェスターへようこそ Manchesutā e yōkoso, bienvenido a Manchester 맨체스터에 오신 것을 환영합니다. maencheseuteoe osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida. Bienvenue à Manchester 歡迎來到曼徹斯特 Huānyíng lái dào mànchèsītè Willkommen in Manchester fáilte roimh manchester benvenuto a manchester ยินดีต้อนรับสู่แมนเชสเตอร์ Yindī t̂xnrạb s̄ū̀ mæn ches̄ texr̒ Добро пожаловать в Манчестер Dobro pozhalovat' v Manchester croeso i manchester באַגריסונג צו מאַנטשער bagrisung tsu mantsher


Vimto = visitorsinmanchester.com Team One


visitorsinmanchester.com touches subjects other tourist sites won't 


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Those who have little can have the best meal of all, MCR.



Manchester is going to have the best street food, MCR.

MCR is coming to Manchester streets soon, but not very soon.

The new street food, MCR, is suitable for everyone and inspired by Manchester

and the Mancunians way of life, street food that can be shared by everyone and

suit everyone and hopes it will be found on Manchester streets soon.

MCR is suitable for Muslims, and It is suitable for the Jews.
It is Suitable for the Vegetarians and the Vegans too.
Everyone loves it, and You will Love it too.



visitorsinmanchester.com promotes tourism that benefits everyone, not just a few.




ghalb shabander


The Image is copied from The Twitter account of @ghalb_shabander Thanks إلى المتظاهرين العراقيين السلميين ومؤيديهم . استلمت فيمتو الرسالة المرفقة مع صحيفة الجارديان من منطمة العفو تطلب التبرع بالمال لهم ،. VIMTO بالتدقق من حساب منظمة العفو على تويتر لمعرفة…


Will you  vote for an independent candidate in the Next General Election






Vimto Articles and Opinion on Some Issues

IMG 20190520 170521 HDR Restaurant art RS 900

Manchester Restaurants and AlCohol Drinks

Not Ordering Drinks In Restaurants Visitorsinmanchester.com Team One = VIMTO A few weeks ago VIMTO took guests, a couple and their three children, to a restaurant in Manchester. The meal ordered and no alcoholic drinks ordered with it. For the drink, it was…
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Cost of living in Manchester

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2019 Worldwide Cost of Living, Survey Manchester is the 51st most expensive city in the world. The only city ranks higher than Manchester in the UK is The Capital, London. Manchester is moving up and up every…

Spotted In Manchester

IMG 2234 reduced 1000 croped
Are you the Gentleman in front of this picture? Every month visitorsinmanchester.com will…

selecting new MPs

Will electing new MPs more often give better choices and benefits for the voters? Like…



Summer Students Were In The City


IMG 1638

Welcome to Manchester


Summer students from all over the world were in Manchester and visitorsinmanchester.com met  groups of 

summer students from Saudi Arabia during the summer. They had good courses and enjoyed their stay in Manchester. They all explore Manchester and some travelled to Liverpool, York, North Wales and The Lake District.   



 Please Support banning Shisha Smoking in public places 


When everyone knows this:


 ” the average shisha-smoking session lasts about an hour and research by the World Health Organisation (WHO) reveals that 1 hour of shisha smoking can be as damaging as 100-200 cigarettes, perception that shisha smoking is not addictive because the water used in the pipe can absorb nicotine is incorrect since in reality only SOME of the nicotine is absorbed by the water so smokers are still exposed to enough nicotine to cause an addiction and so shisha is playing a role in encouraging people to take up cigarette smoking and fruit and herbal flavoured shisha still usually contain tobacco so again the perception that it is healthier is wrong. Even if you use tobacco-free shisha you are still at risk from the carbon monoxide and any carcinogenic toxins generated by the coal or charcoal used to burn the shisha. “


Why the Government doesn't ban shisha smoking in public or at least to regulate it, for now, to protect the public health and save NHS Resources


Read More On Shisha Smoking




Let us try to make The Next First Of May

Public Awareness Day Of The Danger Of Shisha Smoking In Public Places.



 Emergency Food Storage

  BREXIT BOX V2 small 56595 std

One of visitorsinmanchester.com friends contacted us to tell about the Brexit box advert shown above and asked us if they have to bring their food with them when they come to Manchester next summer. Also asked if his son, who is studying at Manchester University will be alright with his food supply and if he should send us food with him after his Easter holiday. We thanks him for his thought and offer to send us food and told him, that reminds us about the situation in England in the 70s when everyone used to bring a case full of their favourite food supply from their country, but now Manchester has shops sell food from all over the world. 



  In this website, we always try to simplify things, especially for our Manchester visitors and go straight to the point and we don’t shy from putting out frank opinions and touch things others don't to help everyone understand a situation and to our best ability.



 Opinions and Opposite Opinions


Visitorinmanchester.com accepts opinions and opposite opinions if appropriate and found related and may be important to the community. If you have one, please let visitorsinmanchester.com have it.


1280px Gandhijis Three Monkeys fromwikipedia check

Cladding Winners and Losers

Leaseholders Cladding Problems for some See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil Are there Winners and Losers In Cladding and Safety Issue Episodes There are lots of people affected by the cladding and safety issues, some have negative and some have a…











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 visitorsinmanchester.com needs volunteers with experience either in photography or social media,

we need your help. If you like to help and enhance your skills, please click below link


Volunteering for visitorsinmanchester.com




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Will Goldstan be the saviour of the locals from the influx of foreign investors that will dominate the two big cities Manchester and Liverpool and drive locals out of their cities as we have seen all over the world what tourism and open foreign investments policy have done to some cities and towns. The most obvious example is the two major towns in Santorini, Greece, Oia and Fira where the locals have driven out of their towns, for so many reasons and they sold their houses at prices at the time not enough now to stay in a hotel for a few weeks if they want to see their towns out of nostalgia.

If we think only of the present, we will lose the future. 


Manchester is one of the cites in England with one of the highest number of population and the youngest population in the country, which makes it in the very top contributor in tax revenue nationwide. Also, it is a city full of life, energy and all the talents of music, theatre, entertainment,  culture, inventions, all kind of sports and the best city in football. Besides, the town is close to plenty of places of interest that attract tourists to come to see and enjoy. With all these criteria and not to forget the excellent history, the universities and science influence Manchester has. The city has more potential than what is showing now and should be with fewer problems for the local people to mention the homelessness, lack of excellent services and facilities that we think it shouldn't lack. 
Note: We are not blaming anyone but this the situation now, whether we like it or not.

Liverpool is the other city to the west of Manchester which is as vibrant and attractive as Manchester to the tourists and has all the criteria Manchester has in addition to the access to the sea, and they both compliment each other, and they both have worked and connected to each other for a very long time. From the ship canal that took Manchester to the sea through Merseyside and the first passenger train in the world that joined Manchester and Liverpool. Both are now competing with each other to attract tourists, university students and selling properties to national and international investors and this comes with a price and disadvantage to the locals as always has been highlighted here and in the media and the newspapers. Apart from locals driven out their cities, the infrastructure may not expand enough and the roads and the streets not wide enough to accommodate all the new peoples when all the cranes come down. These big cities should be maintained and continue to provide the world with all what they have multiple talents of the people. They are also cities of heritages and should be listed cities as when buildings are listed and not to be touched without thinking and proper planning to be responsible to keep them as they are and not subject them to investments that offer short term gains that will change the cities forever and may spoil them if not destroy them if the authorities are not careful  !!!!



  Click For The Solution Here, Goldstan




Manchester News,

Visitorsinmanchester.com picks news about Manchester

for the visitors to see before they come to

Manchester or during their stay 




Manchester and Brexit

What’s going to happen to Manchester after Brexit ???? We do not know what is going to happen and our guess is as good as yours and as good as any…
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Political Issues

In this site, we intended to have the visitors learning about and understanding the British way of life and living when they come to Manchester and…

Manchester is Booming

PHOTO 2018 09 20 10 38 272
Manchester Is Booming Against All The Odds. Construction work in central Manchester and Salford is at its highest level since the financial crisis.…

Manchester Old and New

IMG 20181117 124102 Man Old New
There are so many projects in Manchester and the city is now half old and the other half is either new or under development and we are recording this…

Tourism Side Effect

IMG 0919
Visitorsinmanchester.com visits cities that are ahead of Manchester as tourists attraction sites to measure and see changes in the cities and the…

Manchester Day 2019

IMG 0412
Manchester Day, The big Manchester’s family day returns on Sunday 23 June, from 12 until 6 pm. Manchester is ‘10 out of 10’. This year is the 10th…

Manchester Christmas Markets

IMG 20181111 162803 HDR reduced
Everyone will miss Town Hall Father Christmas for 4 years The Manchester Christmas markets were first launched in 1999 in St Ann’s Square and Albert…

Thanks For Saving Kendals

IMG 0137
Thanks For Saving Kendals Thanks to Manchester City Council for saving Kendals. Thanks to Manchester Evening News for the coverage and the good work…

Manchester Wall

IMG 20181117 124927
Manchester Wall Can anyone tell where is the beauty or the functionality of Piccadilly Gardens wall shown above, which is located in central…

Question Time

Any Question? Here anyone can ask questions and hope people who know provide answers, and people can comment on the questions and answers. Q 14 -…

MCR Bees

PHOTO 2018 08 27 19 52 34
Manchester Bees This article was kindly written by visitorsinmanchester.com volunteer requested not to publish the name. Visitors to Manchester…




Manchester News from the media,

Visitorsinmanchester.com picks news from the media about Manchester

for the visitors to see before they come to

Manchester or during their stay 


From Manchester Evening News

From MEN 0 100 Greengate Salford
From Manchester Evening News A very interesting Article It's a boom time for 'Salchester' - but who really benefits?

Brexit: What does no deal mean?

from bbc no deal 105315198 p06yx8k3
The most question we have been asked by Manchester visitors is what will happen if the UK ended with no deal with EU and again we have to go to the…




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 Services Of Interest To Manchester Visitors


Before you come to Manchester and during your stay that we hope you will enjoy, please find services of interest to Manchester Visitors. Visitorsinmanchester.com Team hopes these places make your stay in Manchester more comfortable and settle nicely to enjoy your holiday. Please note that these companies/services are not related to the site. We only show what the services available in Manchester for you to choose or do your search to find one suit you. Always it is a good idea to see reviews of the impartial sites not just commentaries on the website of the service you intend to use.



Payment tax and tv 20 fonts

Tax and TV Licence Fee, when in…

Tax and TV Licence Fee, when in Manchester The TV Licence It's a criminal offence to watch live TV or use BBC iPlayer unless you have a valid TV…

BBC News

BBC News
Here is the news from the BBC

Takeaway Places

Takeaway2 PHOTO 2018 08 05 22 26 13
Here are the places to order your meal for your accommodation in Manchester : Order takeaway online in Manchester from Just Eat Order takeaway online…

Customer Advice From The BBC

Customer advice from BBC
BBC has tips and practical advice from the experts on a range of consumer topics and we recommend see these topics especially the visitors. Customer…

See Manchester By Bike

See Manchester on Bike seemancbybikeweb
A bike hire company offering a range of bicycles and bike repair services! , located on Chapel Street in Salford!

Watch Cat

IMG 5767 Cat cut resize 500
Visitors’ Watch Cat Here to Help Watch Cat is here for the Visitors in Manchester, students and tourists, to help you if you are unhappy about a…

Car hire companies

fordfocus 4
Car Hire Car hire sometimes spoils holidays if one not careful. Make sure you choose the right company the right insurance and the right car for you.…

Subjects and Articles For 2019


Guides and Web Sites of Interest to  The Visitors In Manchester


  Manchester, the vibrant and dynamic city, has many websites that can guide the visitors to places of interest and highlight the activities in the city and the coming events from sport, music, art, theatre, festivals, etc. Some of these websites guide you to places of dining and drinking in Manchester. Manchester got everything, and these websites will help you and show you what's on and what's happening in Manchester if you are interested in things to see and do you might need to book in advance if you are intended to come to Manchester. Diana Ross is going to be in Manchester on July 3, 2020, and ticket already all gone by now. If you want to see something like this during your stay, you have to book early.



IMG 20200315 142452

Anthony Marn

Anthony Marn Exhibition is in The Weavers Factory, a contemporary art gallery that always has new exhibits of excellent artists In 2019 Nigel Durkan…
confidetial logo icon


Confidentials is a good site to find about Manchester restaurants and bars and best offers also news and reviews, Confidentials has a guide of things…

The Royal Exchange Theatre

Theatre2 The Royal Exchange
The Royal Exchange is a grade II listed building in Manchester, England. It is located in the city centre on the land bounded by St Ann's Square,…

Manchester Attraction Site

visit manchester logo4
This is the official tourism site of Greater Manchester where you can search for things to do and find out what's on, as well as getting inspiration…

Unlock Manchester

unlock manchester
This site has a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide about all things Manchester. The outcome intends to give insight into the city‘s best bits -…


open table Toby Carvery Chadderton

Book your dinner tables before you come to Manchester

Open Table enabling diners to find and book the perfect table for every occasion. Visitors coming to Manchester now you can book your dining table before you come to Manchester and at your home. So when in Manchester just enjoy all of the things to do Manchester offers. Book Your Table
A bad Experience

VIMTO and the very bad Experience with Google,

VIMTO and the very bad Experience with Google visitorsinmanchester.com team had a very bad experience in dealing with Goole, Google AD, and tried to find out what happened or get help to ease the situation but unfortunately, we did not get it. The team do not know if they did anything wrong or this…






Food ad PHOTO 2018 12 11 08 22 58

 Learn  Original Vegan  and Middle Eastern  Cooking at your home 

Vegan and Middle Eastern Cooking at your home Link







IMG 0132


 Let's Have Your Opinion On Banning Shisha Smoking In Public Places, In One Click



Health, Safety and the Environment in Manchester  


Visitors will find the environment in Manchester is excellent with no extreme high temperatures or extreme cold but plenty of rain which makes it always fresh. Manchester has no heavy industry, which is not good for people want to work in this field but good for the visitors' environment. 

Manchester surrounded by countryside, and when you travel in any direction, it is not more than 15 to 20 minutes before you find yourself in the country although some routes are better than the others.


IMG 20181103 123916 reduced



Let us try to make First Of May

Public Awareness Day Of The Danger Of Shisha Smoking In Public Places.


The other good thing about Manchester is the water, and the visitors will find it pleasant, and it is of outstanding quality, natural and rich in minerals as it is not purified or proceed to be drinkable water. Some of Manchester visitors will find out that they can drink water straight from the taps instead of the bottled water which they used to all their life. Manchester water supplied from the lakes in the Lake District north of Manchester, and that is why it is arguably good and better water quality than the one in other cities in England and taste better than other cities including the capital, London.

17637199 lican ray lake district chile it said free image



However, Manchester has two issues with the environment, which are like the one often seen in many big cities:

First, when one walk in town you pass areas where the freshness of Manchester disappears and the smell of the air fluctuates between the smell of wee and weed and one do not know which one to prefer. Although, most the people that we walked with when the subject brought up would prefer the latter. However, the police presence now is more visible to tackle the drugs problems in the city and probably breathing of the fresh air will cover the whole town again.

The second is the congestion in and around the city which is the aim of Manchester mayor now to solve it as this is a severe problem for the town and hope the mayor Mr Andy Burnham will manage to arrange to solve it soon as he is working hard to tackle it. 

From our recent experience of the congestion, we are mentioning two. The first was when we took visitors to Liverpool to spend the day there and when we came back it took us two hours and 45 minutes to drive from Albert docks to Oxford Road in Manchester city centre. The journey usually takes around an hour so in the hour and 45 to 2 hours we were polluting the environment between A602 and the city centre where the car was running all the time to move a few metres now and then. One of the visitors commented, what will happen when all these cranes come down, and the buildings occupied !!!! Also, one of the visitors was so fed up and decided to walk it after spending a good time in the car, and he got to the city before us.

The second was on a Saturday afternoon, we were meeting people in Home Bar and Restuarant, and they were travelling from Wilmslow, and it took them about 3 hours to get to us. They kept phoning to apologise and to update us of no much change of their location and being stuck in bad traffic, which got worse when they reached the Mancunian way.

No one knows when this problem to be solved, but if you have to travel by car, please make sure that you have a lot of fuel in the tank. We think it is terrible and awful for the environment this congestion and we hope the mayor will succeed to solve otherwise more, and more  people will be suffering and stuck in this situation especially when all the cranes come down as Manchester visitor said and the situation  will be worse, and Manchester will not be attractive to visitors or people work in it as reported in the Manchester Evening News . The newspaper that knows Manchester better than anyone else and we should listen to their views and their readers' views and consider them.

Manchester Evening News reported that people are turning down jobs for 50,000.00 salaries, which nearly twice the average national salary because of the congestion. 



People are 'turning down £50,000 jobs' to avoid having to drive into Manchester

                                       Full Manchester Evening News Article 


Also, we think traffic jam and continues congestion will cause so many problems to people which is clear and we are not going to elaborate on it but we invite anyone who can to send their input.


How safe is Manchester?

If you take the view of someone living in Manchester for a very long time, it's a safe city with a few exceptions because Manchester is not a Disney Land it is a real and big city that attracts all sort of people and from all walks of life. Some here in Manchester to steal and pickpocketing from Manchester visitors or new students and they are active mostly in holiday seasons and the beginning of the study year in the universities where they find a lot of preys and their journey and travel money would be worthwhile to spend. There are others more serious crimes in Manchester, you may read about but this is mostly not directly directed to visitors apart from competing may be to sell the visitors drugs to the drug users.

To be safe in Manchester or in any big city, don't attract criminals by 

Flashing money, jewellery and expensive items.

Walking in dark streets, especially alone.

Having your wallet or purse easily reachable to the gangs that targeting you as a tourist or newcomer and you still venerable as you looking around to find places of interest or to eat and you forget your belongings and sometimes not aware what happened to them till late. You must remember that you have to be lucky all the times not to have your belongings stolen and they only have to be lucky once. Don't make them lucky and spoil your holiday.


Food Safety

The last thing you want to happen to you when you get to your holiday distension is getting food poison when you buy takeaway or eat in a restaurant that have bad hygiene reputation because you new to the area and don't know the good places to eat and where, so before ordering your takeaway or go to restaurants to eat check the place hygiene reputation till you find your favourite places and know where to eat or order your food from . 

The hygiene ratings in Manchester are as follows. 

5 = Very Good.

4 = good.

3 = generally satisfactory.

2 = improvement necessary.

1 = major improvement necessary.

0 = urgent improvement necessary.



Find the hygiene ratings before you order by clicking below, then insert name and town of the business.


 Check the hygiene rating before you order or buy your food here.

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