A bad Experience

VIMTO and the very bad Experience with Google


visitorsinmanchester.com team had a very bad experience in dealing with Goole, Google AD, and tried to find out what happened or get help to ease the situation but unfortunately, we did not get it. The team do not know if they did anything wrong or this normal and would like to hear from people with their comments advice. 


In summary here is what happened to see if a very bad experience is exaggerated.

Google contacted VIMTO to lend their hand and support the website visitorsinmanchester.com as they mention in the following email :

First Email from Google dated  September 4, 2019, sent by XXXX


Using XXXX  to hide the name of the person from Google dealing with this issue



Good day!

Your Google My Business account has been selected to take part in our exclusive Google Ads support program. For the first three months with Google Ads, I’ll personally help you get started and on your way to the best results possible–all for free.

Give me a call back at 101270454xx, ext: 302xx or reply to this email to schedule a time that works best for you. Please note that this is only available for a limited time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards, 




Then there was also a scheduled phone call with XXXX which went very well, and everything was promised to be good, to make money and to create thousands of visitors with the support, supervision and Google guidance.

Why we call it a very bad experience: Nothing, as promised over the phone call, has been materialised, but lose of money. We found out to make a pound from the adverts in Adsense one has to spend over a hundred pounds in Google Ad. That is not a good investment by any standard. In fact and it is the luckiest bit for us that we have discovered this fact very early and Google did not get the profits they expected which is our loses, the website owner. Our cost so far is under 30 pounds and if we haven’t discovered how much the loses would be early. The loses would run in hundreds reaching a thousand at least in 3 months.

Note: According to some politicians Google, one of the companies that don’t comply/adhere with the tax system in the UK and they not paying the full tax. If that is true, this will make the deal further less attractive as no much of tax revenue from Google to the community.

The first email sent to Google on September 9, 2019, asking for clarifications, which has been ignored


Good Morning XXXX and hope you had a good weekend 

Please find following queries and comments on MCR campaign and starting this early to help visitorsinmanchester.com/visitorsin.com understanding of the situation and help Google with input and training that will produce a better result without wasting time and money. Please take your time to answer with details that will be clear for VIM ( visitorsinmanchester.com =VIM ) then. The main object hopefully is to have a successful campaign for VIM with your help and training as discussed.

1 - Keywords - We have noticed Google has made a list of Keywords a refined from the ones in the old campaign, whoever, we have comments on some of the keywords like

Air BNB Manchester

Classified Manchester

Big modern house to rent in Manchester

India in Manchester

VIM site doesn’t provide these services or with these services mentioned in the site contents/articles. Is it ok to keep them or you suggest replacing them? As mentioned in our telephone conversation before the campaign started, our site is a tourist attraction site with a political twist. That is why maybe words like Brexit is more appropriate as it is part of a few articles and make visitors come back if interested.

2 - Google set the cost per click very high nearly a pound per click, and that is whyVIM has no many visitors/ clicks because of the maximum daily spending of 10 pounds consumed in a short time. When VIM changed the setting to L 0.3 per click more visitors / clicked noticed too (clicks up about five times) as you can see in Google Curve. Why Google started with high clicks cost? That drawn less attention to the site with more money to pay by VIM.

3 - Return on investment how to improve it? In the old campaign, VIM invested £ 171 to get £ 6 on Adsense, and in the new campaign MCR so far VIM spent £ 25 to get £ 0.08 in return. Not good investment as you can see. How to improve this the situation? As discussed over the phone, the purpose of the campaign is to make money, revenue.

4 - Traffic = during the telephone conversation, it was mention to working on traffic to the site of 50,000. How much will it cost to achieve this figure of 50,000 and how? 

VIM team hope that Google can understand the situation and don’t abandon VIM because of our franc comments and question. Also, we hope Google will help make VIM successful and attract many visitors as promised, but without having to pay not affordable money or money, VIM doesn’t have.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Visitorsinmanchester.com Team


Followed by several reminders and then the below email on September 17, 2019


Hi Again,

Is Google not interesting to help with improving our site and we have to send all these emails with a reply. Are you still supposed to supervise the process? We have to reduce the budget per day to 1 pound instead of 10 as we do not where we going and without having clarifications from Google. Can you please answer all the queries in detail and probably we will have a phone call to follow it up.


  And another email on September 24, 2019


Further to first comments and questions, which have not been answered or acted on, please find the 2nd set for your kind action.

1 - We haven’t seen an active role from Google supervisor to help with improving the situation or for the matter of fact any function, nevermind active role as promised before starting the campaign that will be there 9 to 6 pm to help — not even answering the emails queries and reminders.

2 - Is item no 1 reflects google practice or google upset for the transparent comments from visitors in Manchester site or google thinks not much revenue going to come from the site and decided that was a mistake and shall abandon it when the three months finish.

3 - Do you think visitors in Manchester site wasting money as the return on investment is terrible and negative? At the moment, something like spending 50 pounds on getting 0.25 pounds, losing 49.75 pounds.

4 - why the chosen countries of adverts do not materialise, and only random countries appear to click on the adverts.

5 - Bounce rate 100% or near enough.

6 - How you think these things can be improved. We believe the situation cannot progress without Google help as promised.

Can we have the answer, quick one, this time and the solutions for all the other emails then the campaign will be more productive?


Visitorsinmanchester.com Team



And on September 26, 2019, another one



Hi, Again XXXX,


Visitorsinmanchester.com / visitorsin.com has the following to ask Google,

Google add is geared mainly to shopping carts, and as you are aware, Visitorsinmanchester.com / visitorsin.com is here to help the visitors in Manchester, tourists and students. For the site to continue, the site has to generate revenue from adverts. But that is not happening and for every 50 pounds spent the number of visitors that click on the adverts making 0.25 pounds. For every pound of revenue, one has to pay 200 pounds, which is madness. Can you please advise how to improve the situation and have a reasonable income to survive?

Visitorsinmanchester.com / visitorsin.com has this question,

How long it usually takes Google to answer emails? on average

Best Regards

Visitorsinmanchester.com / visitorsin.com Team


Another email Oct 13 related to money withdraw and was ignored even



Reference: 425-033-ZZZZ MCR  Urgent



We just noticed that Google had withdrawn money 3.31 pounds from our visa account, while the cost of the ad so far is 68.43 pounds out of 100 pounds. The account is still in credit and can you please arrange to correct this issue and return the money to our bank.


visitorsinmanchester.com Team


On October 14





Can you let us know how long does it take Google to answer an email? As a big company, you are not setting a good example for people like us. Especially when there is concern about money payment and withdraw money from a bank account.


visitorsinmanchester.com Team


October 15


Can you please send us your complaint department email if Google has a complaint department for the costumers.


visitorsinmanchester.com Team 


When asked about the complaint department the answer was October 15

GCE 866-246-6453 Best Regards, XXXX       That is all !!!!!

And the team sent this

Thanks, Eric, But what is  GCE 866-246-6453? a few words can make it easier for everyone !!! and can we have the email as well 


 No Answer till now 


On October 17

Hi Eric, Any chance of sending the email of Google complaints department today and if Google has not got one just let know, then we can follow a different path.


visitorsinmanchester.com Team



Another one Oct 18


Hi, again XXXX,

Don’t worry; we are not going to asking you to answer anything. We have realised Google is not here to help us, as they promised before signing the package. They are here maybe only to make money, as they probably haven’t even a complaints department to serve their clients.
What you have sent us is a helpline telephone number not even in the UK but in the US and probably will cost to call. Who will ask help from Google after having this trouble and bad experience with you? We would be mad if we ask for Google help. Especially when we asked you for the email of Google complaints department, and after tons of reminders, you only bothered to answer with a piece of false information, that says.

GCE 866-246-6453 “ !!!! Without any other words as probably Google thinks that we can read your mind.
 Now we know why !!!! Because that wasn’t what we have asked for, we asked to reach complaints department, and you gave us something else without explanation, which made the situation even worse and showed how bad Google could be in treating the clients.
Also, When we have looked for an address in your email,  there wasn’t any, only a telephone number, which can be anywhere in the world. We do not know if you work from the Uk or not. Usually, companies operating in the UK would be more regulated and may adhere to some UK standards.
If Google can promote a site, can they demote it as well?
Hope our criticisms of Google, who dominate and have the monopoly of the internet, will not affect or disadvantage our site and may stop people reaching it. We have seen how you can influence sites and increase the traffic, and probably you can block websites and prevented them from being reacted. We hope that you can't, and you will not do that.
Finally as you haven’t answered about google withdrawing money from our account while we still have balance to cover the campaign for over a month we have to contact visa if we don’t receive a refund or notification of a return of the money by the end of the month and ask them to find out from you and reclaim the money you have withdrawn.
If there was anything we that we have understood  wrong, Google should explain it but when the only answer from Google is an email with the following content “ GCE 866-246-6453  ”
We take it all our understanding are correct, and you have no comments.


visitorsinmanchester.com Team


NOV 11, 2019 check


Good Morning

As you have the role of Google Advert Adviser, although we haven't noticed an active role from Google, please see our comments on the campaign so far and a few questions. Appreciate if you can please review these comments/questions and provide your opinions, comments or answers.

For the comments: If we do not receive your comments/different opinions from ours we will understand that you agree with our comments as stated in the email and they are correct, and you accept them. Then we don't waste any more time.

For the questions: please answer them. Or say you do not want to hear more questions from us because out time in Goole opinion has expired or whatever reason you have there. Again not to waste the time.

1 - We do not understand why Google charged 3.31 pounds on October 5th

From Google site, we have this

Oct 5, 2019

Automatic payment: Mastercard  • • • • XXXX


 when there is a balance/credit in the account. This morning we still have 16.49 Pounds. Can we have an explanation, please? At least to know what are we paying for? As you can see, there is no details or description of the charges, just saying automatic payment. Google client has the right to know and understand what the costs for and why they paying this amount. We have asked Google to send the explanation so many time and the requests were ignored.

2 - Is our site and hence the campaign is ignored and provided with no support because Google expected to earn at least 300 pounds per month ( Google gaining as set by Google for the campaign is 1 pound per click / 10 pounds per day). When the setting changed after a few days to 0.1 pounds per click / 1 pound per day the campaign ignored, no support provided and emails not answered, because we think Google thought there will be no much of earning for Google. The change to the setting happened because 10 pounds was going down the drain daily, not enough return on money spent and that is fact.
As Google Advert Adviser do you have comments on this assumption or you agree with it. If you think the assumption is not right, please explain at least to understand the situation.

3 - After two months from the start of the campaign, the earning from the campaign as we understand it is like this ( for visitorsinmanchester.com site )
One has to spend 100 - 16.49 = 83.51

The balance for the campaign this morning is 16.49

The budget for the campaign 100 ( 75 Google + 25 Client )
As per AdSense the earning is less than 1 pound ok say 1 pound.

Then according to our calculation

Google earning from the campaign = 83.51 Pounds

Client spending on the campaign = 83.51 Pounds

Client Earning from clicking adverts because of the campaign = 1 Pound
Client lose = 1 - 83.51 = 82.5 1 Pounds

Do you agree with the calculation? You can check these figures from your site as you have access to the campaign and If you think the count is not right, please provide the alternative to the estimate/ calculation.

If they are right, Is it justifiable to spend 83.51 Pounds to earn 1 Pound in any business?

4 - Does the disagreement of the client with Google will affect the site performance in any way/disadvantage it/ demote it whatever the case . visitorsinmanchester.com team asking this question a few times before but no answer provided. The concern is still there till an explanation provided, why Google doesn’t answer this?

5 - As we understand from emails exchanged with Google, Google has no clients complains department if a client needs to. Any comment on that, or we consider this is correct. Google has no Clients’ Complaints Department

 6 - As we understand from emails exchanged with Google, Google has no office in the UK. Any comment on that, or we consider this is correct. Google has no office in the UK.

7 - Can you please send the link to evaluate the campaign as this the 3rd month and we would like to provide the evaluation. If you do have an evaluation link or if do not have one, please let us know.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity which we didn’t believe it when we first saw the email and sorry to disappoint you with not spending as you hoped for, and that is because we saw money was going down the drain and return on the investment is negative (loss) after the promise of gaining income !!!! in addition to the lack of communication, proper supervision and the personal advice as promised to lift the site to a higher position.

After all, Google who contacted us and said visitorsinmanchester.com has been chosen because it will do well with Google help but the question now is how and at what price?

Please do not ignore this email again as you have ignored other emails and if you are not in a position to deal with unhappy clients, please forward the email to someone who can deal with it . Especially Google has no complaints department that one can write to.

Looking forward to receiving your answers and to hear your comments.


Visitorsinmanchester.com Team


Not all the emails sent by visitorsinmanchester.com are Listed From

The only email received from Google adviser was this: 

GCE 866-246-6453 Best Regards, XXXX


XXXX used to hide the name of the campaign manager or that is his title on Google Ad. Although we haven't seen any sort of management or action from him. However, and must admit he was very nice and probably knows what needs to help us but he hasn't. Again the team still in the dark and don't know what to door has happened. Was is it


1 - Google targeted the wrong site.

2 - visitorsinmanchester.com team doesn't know how to deal with the campaign, but again there was

a campaign manager supposes to help and correct.

3 - Is it the money and the expected income to Google because of visitorsinmanchester.com team has changed

the setting to make the income reduced from nearly one thousand to maybe not accessed 100 pounds.


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