Will electing new MPs more often give better choices and benefits for the voters? Like switching insurance & phone companies etc. Loyalty may be old fashion nowadays.

Voting for new MPs more often make them more competitive and will benefit the public.

Will opening the way and encouraging more independent candidates to stand for the parliamentary elections benefit the communities more than just having the parties MPs.If there are more MPs, people and communities would have better choices of MPs, more competitions and hence improve the performance of the MPs and that would benefit the people. It just likes what we see nowadays in the market. People get better prices and same or superior services from insurance, internet, mobile phone, utility companies etc. because of the competition. The principle works with having more candidates and may have new good MPs more often. The principle only works if more independent MPs in the area. Having just party candidates doesn’t work as voters vote for a party and not for the MP. Vimto heard a lot of comments about that. People say, parties MPs more dedicated to the party than the people vote for them. Some times candidates from the parties land from anywhere, maybe too far away and the voters may don’t know them, or they don’t know the area.

Probably it is the best time now to have more independent candidates if they get help and that help won't be wasted.
A lot of parties MPs not happy with where their party going,
A lot of party supporters and for the matter of the fact members not satisfied with their parties. Heard some party members intending to vote for other parties !!!!.
Party leaders are very unpopular, and they have some supporters drive members and MPs out of the party.
So what is a better time than this to have more independent parties?

In our opinion, people will benefit from more independent MPs, but the question is who will help them as they don’t usually have much support. Are the people and community ready for this and can they help? This is Vimto opinion, what is yours?

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