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Are you the Gentleman in front of this picture?

Every month will publish a photo from our archive for someone spotted in Manchester. 

If you see your photo here, you can write to us to tell about yourself, where you from and attach your photo, 

what you think of Manchester, why you were in Manchester in not more than 500 words. will publish it

and present you with a prize of 100 Pounds, one hundred pounds.

We are sorry to hear such sad news

We are devastated to hear the sad news that Piccadilly Rats star Ray Boddington is fighting for his life in hospital after being struck by a tram. As reported in Manchester Evening News  in below link:
Our thought with his family and his friends and we are praying for him.
IMG 2247 Reduced Ray Pic Rats 
Ray was Praying for Manchester Arena boom victims  on May 22, 2018, Please pray for him 
Out of respect to Ray, we are stopping the activity of  ” Spotted In Manchester ” for now and hoping Ray will recover soon and we will see him bring the smiles to everyone in Manchester again.

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