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Not Ordering Drinks In Restaurants Team One = VIMTO

A few weeks ago VIMTO took guests, a couple and their three children, to a restaurant in Manchester. The meal ordered and no alcoholic drinks ordered with it. For the drink, it was tape water and for the children fizzy drinks. While eating in the restaurant, the guy asked VIMTO sudden an unexpected question. Do the restaurants' owners in Manchester regret us eating in the restaurants without ordering wine and other drinks when the restaurant is fully booked and no empty tables there and they would miss the opportunity to make more money? The guy asked this because he usually drinks when he goes out without his family and knows how much the drinks cost in restaurants. The answer was, VIMTO never thought of any problem when a group of people go to a restaurant and don’t order a drink. VIMTO took so many visitors to restaurants in Manchester and no drinks ordered because the guests don’t drink alcohol. The kind hospitality, friendliness and courtesy as good as extended to the others and as you can see it. But we have to admit sometimes we try to avoid busy places on the weekends where the restaurants have a good selection of drinks and the meals usually nicer combined with drinks. Not because people who don’t drink alchohol shouldn’t be there ( not drinker ) but probably most of the guests come to Manchester with the children and take them out with them to restaurants. the atmosphere and most of the time children. t in Manchester people are free to eat what they like and drink what they like and go to where ever places they like. in Manchester there is no problem with what people eat and drink from the restaurant's menu and we never thought about it the question raised. However, because of the guest question, it is good to know some opinions. That is based on the revenue restaurant make and nothing else. As the difference in the bills for say 2 groups of people, each group has the same number of people 4, each group ordered the same meals with different drinks.

Group 1 meals cost, £100 for the meals and £ 51 for the drink ( a bottle of wine with the main course and 2 beers and two coktails on arrival ) Total £ 151

Group 2 meals cost, £ 100 for the meals ( 4 meals and tape water ) Total £ 100


Group 2 meal cost, £ 100 for the meals and £ 20 for the drinks ( 4 soft drinks ) Total £120

Group 1 meal cost is 31% to 51 % higher than group 2 and some restaurants have a very high margin on alcoholic drinks see Manchester Evening News articke xxxxxxxxxxx . In addition, the diffidence in the bills can be much higher during special occasions like new year, vanities day, Christmas, wedding anniversary and birthdays etc.

 Of course, restaurants won't lose money but would miss the opportunity to make more money for group 2 and that is also, applied when the guests order cheap items from the menu or if they order one course instead, 2 or 3 courses.

VIMTO assures the visitors in Manchester, they don’t have to worry about not ordering alcoholic drinks in the restaurant and only not to go to the restaurants late or when the restaurants are very busy when they have children with them to enjoy the meal better.





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