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Will you  vote for an independent candidate in the Next General Election


Next General Election and Independent  MPs


When MPs are party members, are they independent and free to decide and vote on the issues raised in parliament? Issues supported and popular in their constituents/communities?
Or MPs follow the party policy on these issues and vote according to the party line or maybe instructions on how to vote rather than how the majority of constituents would like them to vote. We saw recently how the country divided on Brexit issues and how the MPs sometimes have to follow their party direction, instructions and party policy if there is any without consideration for the people who voted for them and put them in power to represent them.
We don't see many independent MPs in parliament because to get to the position, candidates have to b elected in a general election or by-election, and the bodies who have the money and the human resources to help the candidates to be elected are the political parties. Of course, the political parties only support and help party candidates who follow the party directions, the party leader line at the time of the election and this line has to be observed during the parliament term which is 4 or 5 years. If any MP doesn't follow the party leader line she/he might not be selected by the party to stand for the next parliament, and stand-alone candidates have very little chance to win in elections and that's why we don't see independent candidates in the parliament, only a few now and then.
The biggest party in the UK has under 600,000 members and the second in membership has less than 200,000 so if we consider the small parties, all political parties memberships are less than 1 million members. The nearly 65 million-plus UK citizens are independent and some of them inclined to one party or another. ( 65 million the total population, not the eligible voters) Also, we have to remind our visitors in Manchester that anyone can stand for the election put self as a candidate to be elected as MP but to win it is very hard. When you watch the result announcement on TV, which is very interesting and recommend to Manchester guests to experience it if they are here during the election. You will see some candidates gain thousands of votes and some only a few votes. In the last general election, in one constituent, the winning party candidates there gained over 36,000, and the independent candidate came last and gained only 360 votes. The elections are very fair and as mentioned anyone can stand as a candidate but one needs the support, a good PR, leafletting, calling on houses in the area to encourage voters to vote for the candidate and all the rest of it. Sometimes party members take people who would vote for their party to the polling stations to help them to vote and make sure they vote and for the party. If you are alone you have no chance to do all this. There is also reward when a candidate wins a seat in parliament a very high salary plus the good allowance in addition to the prestige but when the candidates do not get a certain number of votes they have to pay a fine. That is why not many independent MPs in the parliament?
This article is information for The Visitors In Manchester to give them an idea about the voting and the MPs in the parliament. Also, to learn more about the fact why no many independent MPs any feedback, especially if you are a politician.
For the local, there is a question, If a good and serious independent candidate in your area stands for the next election with good policy and what people are expecting from the MP will you vote for her/him or are you more comfortable with a candidate supported by a party. Will independent people help independent candidates to get elected. Independent voters are more than all parties

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