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Tax and TV Licence Fee, when in Manchester


The TV Licence

It's a criminal offence to watch live TV or use BBC iPlayer unless you have a valid TV licence. Without one, you risk prosecution and can be issued a fine of up to £1,000, plus court costs. You still need a licence even if you don't own a television and only watch BBC iPlayer on a phone, tablet or computer.

Its good idea to search online to see if you need a licence or not if you haven't got a TV set if you do, you can pay the TV licence fee at the post office or online. Make sure when you pay the fee online that you pay to the right authority and not a bogus website. If not sure, pay it at the post office.

Council Tax

If your landlord does not pay the council tax with your rent, you have to pay the council tax. The students are exempted from paying the council tax. For any period during your stay in Manchester, you have to pay the council tax. That is before and after finishing the course. There is no exemption for not paying the council tax after you have completed the course even if you are staying a couple of days or maybe hours.

Vimto heard from a few students who were intended to leave within5 days of finishing the course. They had a demand to pay council tax a day after they have completed the course, and even before submitting their dissertation. One commented: council tax collectors must be the most efficient department. Another student commented was, we do not need our stay in Manchester to spoil by a letter from the authorities; their contents usually not very pleasant.

Vimto always advise students to make sure to pay the council tax before they leave and to check with Manchester City Council even after they leave if any payment amount is pending to avoid further charges or go to court. Not on the wrong side of the authority.

Also, Vimto wishes Manchester City Council can extend the exemption of the council tax. At least for 15 days after the course completion, so students don’t worry about it and enjoy last a few days in Manchester. Some students staying here for one year to do a Master Degree, exemption of a few days should be a problem when they spend thousands during the year in Manchester. There unhappiness, mainly for the bother and receiving a letter from the authority. Add a few pounds to what they have spent already is not here or there as they say.


Vimto had the following conversation with a post graduate student,

Student : I received a letter from Manchester City Council to inform me that my exemption status of the Council Tax will finish in two days and I went to the MCC office, and I told them about the letter and informed them that I am leaving in 4 days to my country and would like to pay my council tax till then.

MCC answer was you have to pay till the end of your flat contract

They didn't buy that I will not use their services

I have booked my flight

Or any other reason.

So I paid whatever they asked for as I don’t to be on the wrong side of the authority and I was busy packing and shipping my belonging and buy presents for my family and friends.

VIMTO: You should have taken the flight boarding card with you because probably they didn’t trust you. Anyone can say I am leaving, and don’t.

Student: I showed them my boarding card it was on my phone and that didn't work. By the way, if I change my flight date, it will cost much more than the Council Tax payment !!!!!!

VIMTO: You should have contacted your landlord and asked for a letter saying that you are leaving early,

Student: I didn’t because I didn’t think I need to. Also, my landlord is not that responsive. Last winter, and for more than two months, I had to keep all my clothes and coat on till bedtime when I come to the flat because he wasn’t responding to my requests to fix the heating.


VIMTO: We do not know what to say, and it seems that you have done every t thinking you can despite being very busy.

Student : The broadband company when I contacted them to cancel the contract they were great, and they are going to refund some money for the period that I will not use their service. I thought MCC would do the same.



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