Saving money

Saving Money and Market comparisons for goods and services, when in the UK.

For money-saving tips and price comparisons of the UK market for goods and services essential for the visitors especially students like

Mobile Phones
Utility companies



Besides other things, you will find the links below. Nowadays to stay with one company that provides electricity, or mobiles phone service etc. has no advantage for you. You have to switch to new companies whenever you can. Also, by having the shortest contract then you switch companies which will give you a better deal and superior service to your present one. Loyalty doesn't work, because you may find your current company provider have better offers for new customers but not you the present customer.

These websites are not related to Vimto and can be used by anyone at their own choice and responsibilities.

Finding the right Bank



Dealing with banks is not easy, and most of the time, you don’t see banks personals after joining the bank. If you have a query or a problem, some banks will ask you by reception personnel to log in to your internet account and try to solve the problem, especially in the big branches. The best way is to ask people you know about their banks and the services provided and how approachable they are. Then you read reviews about the bank and make your decision of choosing the bank. Also if you find yourself not happy with the bank for any reason, you can open an account with another bank and keep the old one or close it.





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