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With respect to all, VIMTO tried to fully understand the cladding issue(s), the situation, and what is going on now on the Cladding Scandal Front but between the barrage of articles and tweets and one day of excitements and plenty of disappointments. It is very hard as the issues mixed between politicians, policies, and politics to understand and this is our understanding and what we make of this big issue (s) as of today February 9, 2021, and will be more than happy if anyone can correct our understanding or highlight it more then everyone including us not familiar or not understand the issue (s) it will be a great help to all :

Our understanding is :

There is a bad conservatives government formed of Conservative Party MPs, lead by Boris Johnson. This government standing with the baddies and the rich ( Developers, Landlords, Construction Companies to name ) against the poor leaseholders, who could not afford to buy houses ( mainly freehold purchase ), and instead they have to buy leaseholds flats ( Majority of 2 bedroom flats ). After hard work, collecting & saving money, penny by penny, and competing with worldwide foreign property buyers as seen in London and then everywhere else in England / UK like this link for Manchester ( )

However, some Conservatives MPs are standing with the leaseholders against the government on principle and they loved by the leaseholders of course and they may be compromising their future as politicians.

Then, there is an opposition Lib Dems party that formed an alliance with a previous conservatives government and they were in government when some of these defective blocks of flats built.

Now, the good news most if not all Lib Dems MPs are in support of the leaseholders, the bad news there are only 10 or 11 of them. Not here or there to do anything much to help.

Then there is the main opposition party, The Labour Party, also some of the defective buildings were built while they were in government. No one sure when they will be in power again and form the government, they need to swing 80+ seats before they can do that and according to records this is not done before, it is very hard or unlikely to happen soon, especially the Labour party is split into two mini parties (Left & Right) wrapped under one name, The Labour Party.

The Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer, has spoken in support of the leaseholders after a long wait


and now the many Labour MPs came in support of the leaseholders, not just a few MPs. Leaseholders have to wait maybe not three years but at least 7 years before the labour party forms a government. Then If everything is right and there is enough money left by Rishi Sunakand no financial problems exist then despite everything else around like the Corona, Brexit, and maybe Scotland to name then the new government can give the leaseholders more than the moral support, the financial support that the poor leaseholders need desperately need to be compensated for their losses.

Have the labour party made a commitment to leaseholders when in power they will compensate them for every penny lost because of this issue (s)? Not yet

This issue is called Cladding Scandal which is a misleading name and completely false name as in reality it is Cladding, External & internal Walls, Wall cavity, Wall insulations, Fire-rated doors, Safety, Fire alarms, Construction, Walk watch, Manufacturers, Regulators, Inspectors, Leaseholders, Government, Local government and more to come of scandals, the hashtag is :

 #Cladding_Walls_Wallcavity_Wallinsulations_Firerateddoors_ Safety_Firealams_Construction_WakeWatch_Manufacturers_ Regulators_Inspectors_Leaseholders_Balconies_Standards_Building Materials_Government_Localgovernment_and more to come scandals,

 probably the name kept short #CladdingScandal because just the full name may exceed the Twitter allowance of 280 creators per tweet soon.

How many people are affected, no one sure, and depends on what you read, hear or watch and if it is a financial or mental effect? direct or indirect, like the children living in an atmosphere of fear of eviction, building set on fire while they sleep, parents tension, stress, etc. what post-trauma will or may bring, no one knows but it will be big.

It will Will the mental, anxiety, depression, not proper thinking, and dysfunctionality of Millions of people because of these issues and that will cost the taxpayer money much more to treat them than the remedy of the faulty buildings now? definitely

How many flats affected, sorry again not sure and no one can give the exact answer for that.

Also, the blocks of flats classified by how tall they are. If your building is less than 18 m, you are on your own no grant no help you have to pay full remedy yourself for buying a flat in a short building although it is dangerous and you have to remedy it.

Probably there is a logic here from the one who decided on this is. Thinking people bought flats in building less than 18 m high wasting land and shouldn’t be helped.

Any official representation for all these flat owners, leaseholders? there are 1000s & 1000s of them, something like a union, a body speaks for them or on their behalves. No.

There are a few groups and a lot of Twitter accounts, tweeters of leaseholders all highlighting the problems in their buildings, the shocking bills everyone had and having all bad news, and now and then a very little hope or promise of some sort. Also, there are politicians, MPs, some standing with the leaseholders from the start and some stood with the leaseholders when their parties allow them.

do you think some politicians took advantage of the cladding issues, don’t be double-dummy to ask this?

Is there a complete solution for the #Cladding_Walls_Wallcavity_Wallinsulations_Firerateddoors_ Safety_Firealams_Construction_WakeWatch_Manufacturers_ Regulators_Inspectors_Leaseholders_Balconies_Standards_Building Materials_Government_Localgovernment_and more to come scandals, soon? no, at least not complete one or in foreseeable future?

Will this problem ever go? No never, there is an EWS1 form renewable every 5 years

Who has to pay for the remedy and solve the problems? Now , The poor leaseholders all or part , because they bought flats to live in and happened to have defected when bought and these buildings may be built not to the standards and not regulated and inspected &&&&&. but now some people considering or painting the original defects from the starts as repairs that need to be carried out on the buildings. Repairs usually carried out on leaseholders' accounts.

who caused the problem? the government and local government, construction companies, builders regulators, inspectors, developer, landlords ...... everyone but not the leaseholders

Who brought governments that not standing with leaseholders and do proper regulation inspections etc? voters including some leaseholders by voting for them

What is the proper solution for this mess? The only solution is full compensation for leaseholders and people affected by the #Cladding ................ is cross-party MPs resolution away from politics. Looking more at leaseholders crises than looking at the cost or any other issues and things.

As we have seen, if that is right, all main parties had hand in it and all parties have to have a solution.

Would you understand the problems and the solutions after reading this? no, because the one who wrote it doesn’t? That is even before receiving the expected remedy bills. We understand most leaseholders' minds after receiving the bills will be more dysfunctional. Wait and see what will come.

What is Wake Watch?

Fire Wardens patrol the inside and outside the buildings to detect fire and alert residences to leave the building when that happens.

How does this work?

Do they knock on doors or raise alarm, what sort of alarm?

How many wardens per floor/building/outside/ inside procedure does anyone know? please

When people have wardens patrolling the buildings, does that make them feel safe? or You will think your building is not safe and you will be worried about yourself, your partner, and your children.

What if the wardens fall asleep. They are only human like the residence, not robots and they may fall asleep

Will the warden be the last to leave and evacuate all residence first.

Will the warden know many people live in each flat.

Is there a register for guests or if people out of buildings?

Anyone have the procedure or know, please let us have it, for what happens when something happens, please someone tell the procedure for say 5 story or more buildings.

Government and Some Conservatives MPs position and actions:

Now we know where the government stands, not with the leaseholders and they resist the standing with the leaseholders.

Also, we know some of the government party MPs standing with the leaseholders against the government.

On the other side, we like to hear from the opposition, what is their position and action (s).

Opposition position is measured by what they do and not by what they say.

We know they not in government to do anything now but now they can do something, have the commitment to what they say that there are more than 11 million people affected by these issues.

Commitment to compensate them when in power or when share power with another party. To compensate them for all losses.

If you believe there are more than 11 Million people affected the opposition parties need the 11 Million to get to power as much as the 11 Million need the commitment, if not more.

The commitment would raise leaseholders' morale and properly help with the lenders, mortgage, etc it gives a guarantee, future security, and sort of protection against sharks.

Having just leaders or MPs support is not good enough, leaders come and go but the party is the one that stays. Leaders may be popular and star for a few months while there the honeymoon period lasts.

We saw some leaders their popularity jumped from 100s followers to 1000s if not 10000s in a few months then when they are gone they gone.

Need action from people when they can action, please.


Update on Feb 15 ,2021

There was the announcement last week by the housing minister, Jenrick and the grant funds to help affected leaseholder was increased by 3.6 Billion from 1.6 Billion making the total 5.1 Billion. This is far from enough. Probably the government does not know how many people and buildings are affected or they do not want to announce it as the grant does not match the required sum to correct defective buildings.

Then we have the opposition they put a higher figure to the number of people affected by the housing crises of more than 11 Million there figure increased from 3 Million first then 5 Million. But there is no change to their estimated cost of 16 Billion to remedy the faulty and dangerous flats. Which another confusion.

VIMTO estimated the cost to be near 51 Billion

That comes from the government willing to pay 10% of the total cost

First 1.6 Billion of 16 Billion

Now 5.1 Billion of 51 Billion

Also it around 3 times the opposition affected people figures with the initial cost of 16 B x 3 = 48 B

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