Major parties 


Are the major parties at risk of disintegrating and segmented into smaller parties?

 Political factions, communities and religious to name.


Someone has this opinion and analysis on the political parties :


 The political parties are in disarray, and the members cannot agree on anything, just dithering, and they are struggling to speak in one voice. They are not as they should be or suppose to be united in one party for the same principles.

The parties are at risk of breaking down more and more into small parties at the end if this continues. The parties could be fragmented into small parties when these groups feel the major parties are not in control to lead or represent them.

 At present, some religious and communities groups support this or that party more than others. The groups' support maybe not being recognised and the groups have nothing in return but to keep everything in order and stable, which is suitable and good for all.

The parties have their policies or party lines, which depend on the party leaders at the time. The leader drives the party in the way he/she wants and not necessary to everyone liking or what the majority of the party members wish.

If the major parties haven't united members and they are not in excellent shapes, this might encourage some small groups to form their parties. The groups then can have more say and better representations in the parliament to serve themselves.

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