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Would the UK have  a better chance to a Good Brexit  Deal Under A Dictatorial Rule: that is a question someone asked and justified it


Would the UK have a better Brexit dealt from the European Union if the Brexit deal negotiated under a dictatorial rule instead of a democracy of the two-party system as the UK ruled now?


We all seen how the Iranian has negotiated their deal with the European Union, including Britain and the United States. The Iranian got everything they wanted and maybe more than what they would have expected to gain. While The British getting the minimum from The European Union and less than the expectation for many.  

The two parties are fighting each other in public instead of forgetting their differences and negotiate a Brexit deal that agreed on by themselves first.

They should have gone to the European Union as one team and with one voice to have proper negotiations. The situation reminds us now what we used to hear in the past.  The British ruled the world through their divide rule !!!!!!! 

Has the Britsh now fallen to this trap and the European Union encouraging the division between the two parties to make them occupied in fighting each other instead of getting the best deal for their country and the European to get the most they can get from the divorce deal? 

The British are not agreeing even on the subject of their arguments like what we saw when one side has muttered " Stupid Women" according to one party lip-reading and "Stupid People" according to the other party lip-reading. Not agreeing on a lip-reading and as “stupid people”, which include women and men, is more polite, and that means everyone is stupid is more respectful and less insulting.

That is why the question was asked: is negotiating Brexit under democracy rule as it is now in the UK  is better or it would be better under a dictatorship rule as we have seen the Iranian negotiation result and gains from the most powerful countries in the world. The Iranian got all that they asked for, and they are under a dictatorship or at least under controlled or measured democracy.

Can you please provide your opinion and tell us which is better in your opinion to negotiate under dictatorship rule or democracy?

In our opinion, we think it is sham to see that dictator governments look like working better than democratic governments because of some politicians sometimes put their parties before their countries, what is your opinion? 

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