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Piccadilly Gardens, Go No Go Zone   !!!!!

There is now debate and point of opinions regarding Piccadilly Gardens if it is Go Area or No Go Area. According to The Manchester Evening News :
A judge has declared Piccadilly Gardens a 'no go area' for many as he jailed a knife robber who targeted an innocent man on a night out. The judge may be right; it is no go for the many but the few at night, the dealers, the gangs and the adventures. Piccadilly Gardens have the 'Berlin Wall'  as described by the judge, which is a right hiding place for the wrongdoers and contributes to reducing the safety of innocent people entering the square at night.
The police rejected the judge comment describing  Manchester city centre square as a "no-go area" according to the BBC but are his opinion is accepted popular by the public.
Manchester Evening News, the trusted newspaper of Manchester has reported Piccadilly Gardens 'no-go zone' back in April 2010, and it seems the situation has not improved.
Piccadilly Gardens is the focal point of the City of Manchester, and it is populated by people who work there or locals and visitors out for leisure. It ideally situated within easy reach of Manchester's busy shopping areas and the Northern Quarter, where people find a lot of restaurants and bars to spend the nights.
Piccadilly Gardens surrounded by bus and metro stops where people arrive and leave the city when in town for entertainment, dining or shopping.
It is a shame to see the focal point of Manchester and Manchester reputation in this state. Now we always advise Manchester visitors when asked to avoid Piccadilly Gardens at night. With all this potential for business and pleasure and being the focal point, we do not understand why no more effort has been made to improve the situation especially when we saw how some areas outside the city centre that people used to call them rough regions and now have developed and not any more.
There is a lot that can be mentioned either from experience or from reading about Piccadilly Gardens.  We do not want to make it sound even worse here. Hope the authorities who can do something to improve the situation to do it soon, and without compromising to save it. As the longer, it is left without drastic measures to improve it, the harder it will take.
Probably we need to listen to Jonathan Schofield from Confidential as he suggested dramatic changes need to be implemented to restore a decent square from changing the name to restyle Piccadilly Gardens, we are not going to take it back to the original status as Confidential shows in this picture.


This Picture From Confidential Site

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but at least to restore some peacefulness and hence safety in the square.

The article writer's father ( old ‘ish man then ) was in Manchester in the summer of 1976 visiting his son. He used to go a few times a week to Piccadilly Gardens while the son at the University. He loved it and enjoyed seeing the roses, the flower beds full of flowers, the butterflies and bees ( which became Manchester symbol now ). He was so attached to it; when he travelled to London and Paris after Manchester, he didn’t like any other gardens he seen like the one he loved in Manchester, He said they might be bigger and maybe better for some, but for him, they haven’t the charm Manchester Piccadilly Gardens had.

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