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Sorry to see this week has gone

 Some of Manchester Visitors who are interested in UK politics have enjoyed watching This Week , presented by Andrew Niel as recommended to them by in the following link  and they are going to miss it now , we have to find another political TV program that is light and informative on UK politics that tells them what has happened and what is happening during the week.

This week is the only political platform that you can see politicians from all parties sit together and discuss political issues without fighting shouting or accusation to the others and the rest of the other practice that some politicians follow. The only times we saw some accusation or arrangements were from journalists, guests etc. but never from the panel who are usually from The Labour and Conservative parties. We have seen how Daiana Abbott and Michael Portillo sat on the sofa very cosy reviewing and discussing the political issues of the week in a civilized relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In fact, we haven't seen Diana Abbot as relaxed as she was on This Week program. We all aware who she was not happy with the other BBC program Question Time recently. Also, We have seen her a long time ago on Question Time when she was not happy with someone on the panel with the question or maybe accusation and she was so angry if we remember that incident right, she threatens to sue.We were very happy to see Diana happy and she made us very happy to watch This Week Programme.

A few politicians from the labour party sat on the sofa with Michael Portillo after Diana Abbott to mention Alan Johnson, Liz Kendall and Caroline Flint thanks to them.

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