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Manchester Wall


Can anyone tell where is the beauty or the functionality of Piccadilly Gardens wall shown above, which is located in central Manchester and here are more photos to help you?



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The wall was Probably created at the edge of Piccadilly Gardens at the time to hide the transformation of Piccadilly Gardens to a Piccadilly Square. The project transformed gardens of beautiful flowers and roses beds to mostly paved areas and ugly buildings that caused the project to further reduced the green area that Manchester disparately needs. There is one thing created in the Square, and that is the fountain, which is a positive element of the project as the fountain is very popular with families and children, locals and visitors alike.  The wall reminds you of some places in the world where they pay to design and build charming and expensive villas then surround them by big walls for privacy and security, and no one can see the beautiful villas. But this is Manchester and Piccadilly Gardens / Square is a public place and for everyone and should save. Another positive element is the wall has not been vandalised with graffiti, and that is a massive plus to Manchester and the Mancunians.

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With the wall there, if you approach the square from the tram and bus stops side the fountain view is mostly blocked and hidden apart from a pretty small opening, and nothing much attract you to go and see the fountain unless you need to cross the Square towards Oldham Road you stop and see it. 


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 Anyone agrees with improving the wall to beautify it and make it more functional as it is there?  Please propose an idea (s) to improve the site and to make it more attractive and inviting for locals and visitors to come to see what is left of the gardens and to discover the fountain which is a focal point in Manchester.


Probably make the wall an open-air public gallery for Manchester artists, which is, we know,  Manchester desperately needed for the number of talented artists Manchester has or probably hanging garden to bring back more flowers and roses to Piccadilly Square. Then one can call it Piccadilly Gardens, not Piccadilly Square. If you have any other idea or you can elaborate more on these two ideas, please let us know.


  Here is an amateur sample just to give ideas in the before and after pictures,

if the artists use the wall to display their work

( Artists please do not be offended by this amateur work it this only an example )



Manchester Wall Before


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Manchester Wall After


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